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i love to shoot weddings. so much. every part of it, gives me chills, like i am family or a really distant yet incredible close relative six times twice removed. that still gets very emotional at all things, family. or something like that, but family, nonetheless. i never forget i am working, even though when the music and dancing starts i have to remind myself, but i always reveal in the beauty, love, and familial celebration of a wedding day. i especially love it when those weddings take me out of my town and even out of the state. the second i touch ground somewhere new i am immediately inspired by what i see and feel. the creative neurons inside my head start firing so fast i can’t contain all they are mentally formulating. it takes my camera coming out, the shutter engaging and creation happening before my heart and head stop doing cardio, a cardio based on creation motivated by inspiration. last year i traveled to new york, illinois, arizona, utah, and all over the state of california to be a part of wedding celebrations.  i just got an inquiry to shoot a wedding in san fransisco, and i also have a potential boston wedding as well. last year i was even a prospect for a wedding in austria. my passport is current! i would love to travel to you, wherever you are. for your day. for your memories.

my most recent destination wedding wasn’t too, too far from home, but a destination none-the-less. sarah and matt were married in palm springs at an incredible home with some great modern flare. here’s just a taste. i’ll be back with a few more highlights soon. it was a beautiful day!!


even if today only destines you to the super market, may it be a great trip!!