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i am working on a project for another blog that will launch in a few months. one of the sections calls for a self portrait. it’s tricky photographing yourself: too critical, hard to get the right angle, can’t find a focus; it can be limiting. but in those limits you find something that shows you a hint of who you really are a reminder of your true self and it makes you feel happy.

try it today. take a self portrait. look beyond everything you don’t care for, everything you obsess over, all the little things that make your heart so anxious, try and see yourself the way the people who love you see you. may you be inspired by, yourself, today! because you are something good and nice and wonderful!!!

if you do this challenge leave a comment in the section below so we can celebrate your beautiful self as well!!

may you be reminded of the beauty within.

happy monday, friends!!





ps shout out to my good friend katrina, for my hair and makeup, and those incredible lashes.; thank you for helping my spirit feel beautiful too!!

pps pass this link on today! let’s see how many woman, and men, for that matter we can get to view themselves differently. how many people we can help take a few minutes for themselves, to feel something different because they were reminded of their own unique contribution to this world!!! even if it’s a cell phone or point and shoot camera self portrait. let’s see how many we can get posted today!!!