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i feel my life is so rich and blessed with good friends who love, support, and encourage me. i am grateful for all of the friendships i have made through photography and feel that part of the reason i was lead on this journey was so i could meet all of these genuine people who have added so much texture to my life!  tracy and her family are a few of those people! i have known tracy now for several years and am so thankful she is a part of my life! she is an uplifting friend and person!! seeing her, when i do, is always a gift!!! seeing her family, being with her children, and listening to her husband talk (he’s from france; they are going there for the holidays *jealous*) is always, always a treat!!!! 😉

tracy, thank you. thank you for being my friend and a blessing in my life!!!!

happy holidays to you!!!! xx

love you guys!!! xxoo kj