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The midnight sky lay stretched before me,
as I quickly tiptoed ‘cross the milky way ~
and stars became my effervescent stepping stones
while moonbeams gleamed in brilliant, golden rays.

A myriad of twinkling gems were strung awry,
as though welcoming me with their brilliant light,
and there seemed a million dreams to be fulfilled
as stardust fell upon this rare and lustrous night.

A curving moon, not full, but only quarter-size,
beckoned to me as I gently leaped from star to star
and to moon’s side I swiftly flew, beguiled,
by it’s light that softly set the night afire.

Curving to the crescent shape with quickened heart,
held within a realm of bending light ~
my eyes fell upon the rounded world below
and there I cast a wish upon a star in flight.

Alas, sleep tiptoed by to dim the moon and stars,
as I hung suspended ‘twixt earth and dreams
in a place where nothing’s truly real ~
and nothing’s ever really as it seems…

A place called ‘Whimsy’…
–hazelmarie elliot