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I love my job!! It doesn’t even feel like work; it feels like a gift, a pleasure, a treat!! I LOVE my…opportunity to experience, feel, witness, and photograph people’s love!! It’s rad, awesome, and so cool on so many levels!! I am profoundly grateful for what I do every weekend! It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth: I love the couples I photograph (I LOVE everyone I photograph)! I love their families and their celebrations and I feel blessed to be a part of their special days!!

Aanika and Danny are getting married on Saturday in Santa Barbara.

It’s going to be happy, all of it!! A happy, cheerful, fun, lighthearted day of much merry making!!! I don’t think any of us will stop smiling the whole day through!! It’s going to be the perfect day to celebrate them!!

They are the couple that skips stones together, walks the extra mile (up a really steep climb ;)) together, takes an extra minute on the beach just to hold hands and drink each other in before heading back to the busy of life. They are the couple that laugh at each other’s jokes, even the not so funny ones (and hysterical ones to other people: aka water shoes ;)); they are the couple that holds each other’s heart in each other’s hands and keeps it safe, and will keep it safe, forever.

They are the couple I love to spend time with, the couple I love to photograph, the couple I love to love!!

So happy because they are happy, together.

Here’s to Aanika, Danny, their timeless relationship, all their laughter, love, and a day they will never forget!!! Much love to them and their families!!! Excited for Saturday!!! xx KJ