Kamee June Annual June (ahem, kinda) Sale

Insert Addendum (added at beginning, not end):

I know it’s nearly August. I know. I know this post is two months late. It would take ages to explain where I have been and why I didn’t just click publish on this when it was ready…Whatever, it’s up now!! ;) AND, the legit half-yearly is happening, so I AM just like Nordstrom!!! Eeeeee!! Kinda. Sorta. In my head. ;)

So the sale is actually EVERYTHING DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST!!! August because it’s two months after June, one month after July…

Now read the real post, but where it says that you have to book by the end of June it really means by the end of August!! ;) Then email me with questions or to get yourself booked!!! xxx

And now for the post written, ahem, two months ago. Sorry for the delay!!

I like to think I am a little, just a little like Nordstrom. They have a half yearly, so I copy them, and have one too. Something in June, because I am thematic that way, and something half yearly, in November!! I like the June one, because, it’s, well, June!!

When people first meet me they usually ask about the June bit, or they call me Ms June-thinking it’s my last name. Kamee June is a pretty cute name, right? Kamee isn’t even my given name, Kamaree is, and June isn’t my last name; it’s my middle name. I was named after my Grandma June. Then I am usually asked if I was born in June, nope, July. Regardless, I love BOTH months!!

Anyway, enough about that, it’s June and it’s Half-Yearly SALE time!!! Everything Kamee June, EVERYTHING, during the month of June is 20% off!!! (this is the part where you insert August!!!) Hoooray!!!! You do not have to use what you purchase in June (August), you just have to use it within the next year, so before June 2016 (August 2016) (weddings are a little different; we can extend them a bit if you aren’t getting married for a while, but know you want to take advantage of the sale). It’s easy, email me (kamee@kameejune.com) tell me what you would like to buy for 20% off, remember EVERYTHING is included: portrait sessions, one on one mentoring sessions, wedding weekends with KJ, KJ gift cards (also 20% off! Perfect for friends or family and a great deal for you!! Buy a $100 gift card for only $80 with the 20% discount!!), AND my wedding packages are 20% off as well!! That’s right, because all of me, loves all of you…can you tell I shot weddings? ;) No, it’s because it’s JUNE!!!! Hooray!!!! Pay your deposit to lock in the the 20% deal (it will vary depending on what you purchase), and then you are set and we get to planning when you want to cash in (the balance is due the week we shoot, work together, gift cards will be sent over in pdf’s, or the month before you get married.)

So easy, just like finding the most perfect thing at the half yearly!!

And because everything is better with a photograph here is one of one of my brides getting married this summer!! This was shot at her friend, Kara Keough Bosworth’s, wedding. Her big day is coming this summer, and I can’t wait!!!! In two weeks actually; I can’t wait Court!!!!!

So excited to hear from all of you and be a part of your celebrating and memory making!! Much love, KJ2015-05-29_0005 copy


Excited to hear from everyone!! Until then, happy June!!!

Kamee June Pre-Black Friday-Cyber Monday Annual Sale



(Pretend this posted yesterday!!!) :)))

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Happy Holidays!!! HAPPY SHOPPPPPPING!!!!!! Wanted to get this out there so you can start your shopping early and maybe, hopefully, save you from going out in the pandemonium referred to as Black Friday, but somehow starts at 900pm on Thanksgiving Day! :) Eventually, we’ll have a pre-Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping sale that will start on Halloween!! when the Christmas starts to emerge before we even get to Thanksgiving. ;) Poor Thanksgiving; it’s starting to be the lost holiday!! Alas, if you can’t beat them, join them? I guess, I am joining the masses, but just by a few hours!! ;)

Today, and all days, I am grateful for the opportunity to make memories with so many friends, clients, and even strangers who turn in to friends after our shoot!! I am particularly grateful for the power the camera gives to freeze time, and to take us back to those moments, now our documented past, and make us feel nostalgia, an hug our hearts!!

In an effort to be a part of your memory making this year I have put together a few “Skip Thanksgiving” or “Shop while in a food comma” sales!!

If you have any questions fire them off to me! I will be perfectly at my leisure, by the beach in Kauai, ready to answer and get you booked!! Click on the contact button at the top and I’ll get right back to you!!

In the meantime, Happy eating, Happy celebrating with family and friends, Happy setting up Christmas, and happy shopping. And may we take a little bit of time to be quiet and still and grateful for all we have!!! May we also be aware of those who are alone this time of year; may we find ways to serve them and give them a reason or a someone to be grateful for as well!

Much love!! Kamee


AND THE KJ Thanksgiving Day-Cyber Monday sales are…Drum Roll….

(Remember the sale is good for 1 year. It expires a year from today! Your event doesn’t have to be this month; you have a whole year to use your purchase!!)


Mini Portrait Session

30 minutes of time

All edited files sent to you by digital transfer

Regularly priced at $325.00

TODAY- MONDAY Same package only $275.00

To reserve this price I need a $100.00 deposit or if your pay in full today-Monday I will take off an additional 5% if you pay in full, making the new total $261.25.

All buttons to purchase are at the bottom!!

2014-11-16_0009 2014-11-16_0013 2014-11-16_0023 2014-11-16_0029

The KJ Portrait Session

1-2 hours of time.

All edited files from session sent to you via digital transfer.

Regular Price $650.00

TODAY-MONDAY take 10% off the total package if paid in full take 15% off! 10% off is $585.00 and 15% off is $552.50.

2014-11-27_0002 2014-11-27_0003 2014-11-27_0004 2014-11-27_0005 2014-11-27_0006 2014-11-27_0007 2014-11-27_0008

AND now for the weddings!!!!

I have two wedding packages. AND two deals for the two packages. You choose which deal.

My basic package is $2950.00

You can choose to either add and extra hour (making your total time 7 hrs) AND a 20 page (25 image) 10X10 engagement or wedding album OR 15% off the entire package if you book in full this weekend ; making your new total for the basic package $2507.50 if you choose the 15% off.  If you choose the extra hour and album then all you need to do this weekend to book is to pay 25% of the package total. To get the 15% PLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL ME BEFORE BOOKING TO MAKE SURE  YOUR DATE IS FREE!!  And so I can elucidate any questions you have!! Also if you would like to add a la carte options fire me off an email and I’ll email the other goodies you can add to your package. We will customize your package so everything you want/need will be included in the discount! Right now email will be the best to reach me!

My Extended Package special is just like the first. Only there is a bit more bang with this one! To see the exact packages and what is included in both check out this link here: www.kameejune.com/info/

You can choose to either add an extra hour (making your total time 9 hrs.) AND a 20 page  (25 image) 10X10 engagement album (that includes TWO albums with this package, one engagement and one for the wedding!!) This package only requires a 25% deposit off your total booked this weekend, OR you can take 15% off the entire package if you book in full this weekend;  If you take  the extra hour of time and the 10×10 album the package stays the same $4950.00. If  you choose to book the 15% deal the extended package stays the same, but the new price will be $4207.00. To get the 15% PLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL ME BEFORE BOOKING TO MAKE SURE YOUR DATE IS FREE!! And so I can elucidate any questions you have!! Also, if you would like to add a la carte options fire me off an email and I’ll email the other goodies you can add to your package. We will customize your package so everything you want/need will be included in the discount! Right now email will be the best to reach me!

2014-11-28_0006 2014-11-28_0007 2014-11-28_0008 2014-11-28_0009 2014-11-28_0010 2014-11-28_0011 2014-11-28_0012 2014-11-28_0013 2014-11-28_0014 2014-11-28_0015 2014-11-28_0016 2014-11-28_0017 2014-11-28_0018 2014-11-28_0019 2014-11-28_0020 2014-11-28_0021 2014-11-28_0034 2014-11-28_0035 2014-11-28_0036 2014-11-28_0037 2014-11-28_0038 2014-11-28_0039 2014-11-28_0040 2014-11-28_0041 2014-11-28_0042 2014-11-28_0043 2014-11-28_0044 2014-11-28_0045 2014-11-28_0046

More from Darby and Brett’s Lake Tahoe wedding soon!!!

Alright, let’s get to shopping…

Or you can send the money to paypal via kamee@kameejune.com.

I will send you a personal invoice for the wedding packages!! Your wedding does NOT need to be in 2014! (That’s funny when I think of it!!) You can take advantage of this deal even for a wedding in 2016 or 2020!! You just have to book by Monday at midnight!

If you have any questions about anything please email me at kamee@kameejune.com!!

You have today-Monday at midnight!!! Get your shopping on! I am headed out now to do some kayaking with my team; if I don’t respond right away I will by the end of the day for sure! Until then, sorry this didn’t post last night; I fell into my own food coma and then the coma turned to full on sleep!! Pretend it’s yesterday!!!

Much love to you all!!! Happy Holidays and happy shopping!!!! Would love to be a part of all your memory making!!!

Hello, New Person

My babies are not babies any more, per say, in fact the other night I went to check on them right before I turned out all the lights and they both looked so big all stretched out and relaxed, sleeping. There is, and always will be, a space, a time continuum, a sacred place in a parent’s heart where her children, no matter their age or size, are always innocent, tiny, completely dependent, and perfectly perfect babies. Whenever, I hold a new baby, even just for a few hours to make memories for new parents, I re-visit my own memories of when mine were this very little and brand-new people in my life -brand-new perfect people, and my heart feels full- full of them and the beginning of our life together.

Congratulations to Yas and Amir!! Baby Zain was born into so much love!! I was grateful to feel it; thank you for sharing it with me!! Much love to you all!!











Call the Midwife

I am obsessed right now with a show called Call the Midwife. It’s set in London in the 50′s and the whole premise of the show is about, well delivering babies. Only the babies are delivered at home in some pretty gnarly conditions. I am baffled by how child birth has changed so drastically, and so quickly, THANK GOODNESS, through last 6 decades! One major difference is that men were never allowed to be there to help their wives or see the birth of their child. Last night Jaren and I were talking about grateful we are that that difference changed! It was sweet to hear him listen about the birth of our two children, what he felt, how emotional he was; he got emotional talking about it (It was cute; I loved it!). Be both finished the little visit agreeing that he needed to be there, not only to witness the birth of his child too, but to help and encourage me.

I met with Yasmin and Amir a week ago. I get super excited for all pending babies, but first-born pending babies: it’s a whole new excited ball game!! I love it!! I also really enjoy visiting with the pending parents about their excitements and trepidations too. Yasmin told me she was afraid of getting him here, more or less. I told that anything we have never experienced before makes us afraid because we have no context of it, no schema to base our experience on. The brain naturally causes fear and worry. No matter how many women live to tell the tale, it is something you have to live for yourself to understand. I tried to say something that would help,”I would relive Gunnar’s and Larkin’s literal birth days over and over again because they were that unbelievably amazing!!!!”

Baby Zain will come and he will be lucky to be welcomed by these parents, so filled with love themselves and a certain energy for living and loving that in undeniable sweet!! So grateful to have been a part of this time!!

No need to call a mid-wife, Yasmin; call the anesthesiologist, and you’ll be good to go!! Much, much love, KJ














Rolly-Polly Bri Head

We used to call her Rolly Polly Bri-head, because when she was a teeny tiny baby her head was much bigger than her body (like all babies). Bri-head just stuck, so did Sass, Sassy, and for sure Bri. I have always loved this doll. She has always been special to me, and always, not matter what, will be!! I love her and am so proud of how hard she has worked to do whatever, really. I love spending time with her because she is genuinely excited to spend time with me, and that makes me feel special, and I hope, she feels that way in return!! Her future is bright and I know she is going to do great things and that her life is going to be rich and full and so exciting!!! I am looking forward to cheering her on as she walks the stage to get her diploma!! I am so happy for her, so very, very proud!! I am going to be in Utah for a little bit celebrating Brianna and spending time with my family, but I would love to spend time with yours as well if you want to make some photographic memories or want to talk about your business and how to help it grow! I will be in town May 29th-June 1st. Email me at kamee@kameejune.com if any of those days jive!! Would love to meet you and celebrate whatever time of life you are in right now too!! ;)

Sass, I love you. You have to know that. Your high school graduation is a big accomplishment, relish it in!! You need to know that life is too!!! Live it well!!! Live is the greatest sport you’ll ever play, the hardest test you’ll ever take, and the most fun dance you will ever attend!! Be your best YOU, always!! Thank you for being a good friend to me and to so many others. The next chapter of your life is going to be so good; I wish I could be in your hip pocket while you live it!! Drink it all in! BE ALIVE!! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and know that you are above all LOVED and understood!!! I love you, Aunt Kam

I love you, Sass-tastic!!! xx Kam

Senior Season 2014

When  first started my photography business my mother-in-law sent me an email telling me about an idea: maybe you should try and market seniors. I am laughing out loud at what I initially thought in response, like my immediate response to her idea: oh, how sweet, to photograph couples in the the twilight of their lives together.

I thought she meant senior CITIZENS.

She didn’t. At all.


It’s HIGH SCHOOL Senior Season; it’s always senior citizen season!! ;) Right now, it’s time to celebrate the high school SENIORS!!! In honor of them and their accomplishments and their pending diplomas and hat tossing I am offering a KJ special!! If you haven’t already taken some time to celebrate you photographically then let’s to it together!! I would love to be a part of this time in your life the twilight of your high school career!! HAHAHA!! ;)

Here’s the deal: $650.00 for a two hour shoot, as many outfits you can get changed into in that time, all the digital images-with full artist edits, AND I’ll print two poses, enough that you will need, in wallet size for your announcements!!!

Let’s do this!! Let’s get together and make some memories and celebrate YOU!!! Congratulations to the graduate! YOU are a big deal!!! Email me to get your session set up or if you have any more questions or thoughts about being a “senior citizen”!! ;) xx kamee@kameejune.com

PS There is no deadline, so if you want to book this for your senior who is graduating in 2015, let’s do that too!!

Can’t wait to hear from you and be a part of your celebrating!! Here’s to all seniors, high school and those who graduated over 70 years ago!!! ;) Much love!!! KJ

PS Shout out to Jessica for Katie’s hair and make up artistry!! She is available to get you all glammed for your shoot!! I can get you her info and we’ll make all our schedules collide to make your shoot happen!!

Make History

We make history every time the camera shutter snaps.

So happy to be in our nation’s capitol. So happy to be with friends-old and new. So happy to be in a historic place making memories for others, and myself!!!

Just a few for now…I promise a full post from Washington, DC!!!

So much love to Leslie and her family!! It was so good catching up, reminiscing, and making new memories together!! Can’t wait for our next visit!! Much love, KJ

Make it Snow!!

I have been trying to teach my children this season to feel more gratitude for the “presents” we enjoy each day of the year in the form of people we meet and friendships we cultivate. They might not really understand the lesson until they are teaching it to their own kids, but I will keep telling them, and hopefully showing them the importance of friendship, surrounding yourself with people who take you to higher ground, that fill your lungs with fresh air daily, or when asked for an extra dose, and being that person to others, in return. A good friend is one of life’s greatest gifts. I thank Heaven, especially at this time, for all of mine!!

Grateful, particularly, for this friend, for the opportunity to watch our families grow together, grateful to know that she is as true as the sun is to the moon.

So thankful for another year of friendship, memories, milestones, and touch points! Thank you for filling my lungs with laughter and love; I am grateful for you Amanda!!


Happy Holidays, Amanda! So thankful for all the pretty “snow” you make and add to my life!!! xxx




Kamee June Black Friday Sale: The Black and White of it!

I have shared before that I am not a crazy Black Friday fanatic. I stay in at all costs. Nothing lures me out unless it is lunch with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a while!! I try and make Black Friday really mellow, super black and white: chill, no stress. I for sure, don’t wear make up on that day; why rock the boat in any way during my mellow, online shopping day? ;)

I don’t buy in to sitting on the curb for hours waiting for the doors to open, and then going CRAZY for a few t-shirts. I just can’t do it. My friends totally can. They are so good at their Black Friday shopping they get maps of the store and cover different ground, filling carts with each other’s list and their own desired items found in their delineated sections of the store on their outlined and highlighted, mind you, maps. I listen to their plans, haggle them, and then consider my Black Friday: jammies, no make up, kiddos stretched all over me, fire in the fire place if it’s cold enough, and the start of all of our favorite holiday movies. Peaceful. I do, however, start my shopping, in between our restful movie marathon by  doing it all online. No fuss, no anxiety over crowds, no hating people fighting over a size XS or L, just clicking and buying. Saving and preparing for the happiest, most romantic, and cozy gift giving season ever!! Pretty, straight forward for me, no maps, conquests, crowds, headaches, black and white shopping happiness!!

I am going to add to those of you shopping online today and those of you looking on your phones while standing in line with one of the greatest Black Friday Kamee June sales, well, EVER!!!

EVERYTHING I DO, EVERYTHING, for 24hrs. is 50% off!!!

All my sessions, photography packages, prints, albums, mentoring sessions, even my wedding packages  (for one day, 24 hours) are half off!!! All you have to do is buy a $100 gift voucher, see buy button below, save your receipt, present it to me at booking sometime in the year 2014 (coupon is good for a year), and you will get 50% off whatever you are booking with me!! It’s that easy. Black and white if you ask me!

Here’s the steps:

1. Buy the coupon for $100 today. (The $100 coupon will be deducted from your half priced total.) Click on the button below. Super easy!!

2. Save your receipt. Print it off!! Tuck it away where you will remember where you put it; one receipt is good for one KJ transaction.

3. Contact me when you are ready to redeem it. Tell me you have a coupon and what you would like to use it on.

4. We set up whatever you want i.e. portrait session, mentoring session, wedding, etc.

5. When it comes time to pay you will pay 50% less than the total price minus the $100 coupon you purchase today!!

6. THERE ARE NO LIMITS!! BUY COUPONS FOR YOUR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Memories in the form of portraits are the best presents you can buy!! (I travel everywhere; buy enough coupons for all your family members and I will come to you!!)

7. There are a few limitations: the coupons do not apply to previously booked clients, portrait sessions or brides (I promise I will still take very good care of you in other ways!!) the coupons do not apply on customized wedding packages; they only apply to my two current wedding packages, meaning you can only book my existing packages (please email me if you are considering using the coupon on your wedding!! kamee@kameejune.com). The coupon also can’t be applied to the Fall Special that is running until December 31st, 2013. That is a sale all on it’s own.

8. Email me for any questions or for more details or to get yourself booked!! It’s pretty easy: buy your coupon today, there is no limited amount on how many you can buy, and you will get 50% of the KJ product of your choice. Each coupon is limited to one product or service!! THEY DO EXPIRE IN A YEAR’S TIME!!! You will need more than one coupon for different services!! Again email with questions!! If not, get to buying!!! The button is below!! Just click buy now, save your receipt and be in touch with me when you are ready to redeem!!

9. You will have one year from today to redeem your 50% off coupon AND the receipt needs to be present as an attachment when you contact me for booking!

10. And that’s the black and white of it. All things KJ 50% off today!!! You have 24 hours, get to shopping!!!! Let me know what questions you have! You can reach me at kamee@kameejune.com. If you are a wedding client or have any questions and would rather talk things out, email me and let me know you would like to visit; I will be free to talk on Friday to answer any questions!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!! Happy shopping!! Happy gift giving!!! May the presents you choose be meaningful and lasting!! I’ll be here all day, just chillin’, if you need me!! Much love, KJ

Here’s to a great deal, a black and white one, to help you make memories that will make your hearts happy!!
PS Thank you to Ashley and Kenny for being my dear friends! I love these images of you two, not nearly as much as love you!! ;) 

Nicole: A Goddess Divine


You are lovely, beyond description.

You are chilled lemonade on a summer’s day;

Constant air conditioning set to 74 degrees;

The Nordstrom half-yearly, all year;

A true laugh;

A perfect perfume;

A comfortable sweatshirt,

The most perfect pair of Steve Madden’s,

The cherry on top,

and a magnificent goddess divine!!!!

Time with you is a treat. I hope I get to see more of you even after you graduate and move on to bigger adventures in the Big Apple!! I am so excited for you, so happy for this time in your life and what is awaiting you, so very excited for the growth you are on the brink of experiencing. I already know you love that city; I have a feeling it is going to love you too, like we all do.

You are beauty, personified!!!

May you drink in every experience that is waiting. May you freeze the moments that happen over the course of the next few months and save them forever in your happiest memory place. May you walk to the future with confidence, that greatness and success are waiting for you to reach out and take hold of them!!! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!! Much love, Kamee

PS Graduating seniors of the classes of 2013-14 don’t forget about the great Kamee June Senior Sale!!! Check out all the details here!!! ;)


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