that, which we can’t see

it’s not what we can’t see that terrifies us, but the thought of what or who is there…

happy halloween.

thank you to katrina for the 2011 ghost styling, to the kids for being so willing, and their parents for sharing them with us in a non-coventional shoot. ;)

may you look over your shoulder today when you think you are alone, but, perhaps, really are not.

so profoundly happy

these two are back in my life. so sublimely happy they are in each others!

congrats brooke and rob; over the moon happy for you both!!!

congratulations you two! here’s to your tangible romance, to july 7th, and to your old oak tree!! much love to you both!!

a full post of their engagement session soon!!! LOVE them! LOVED what captured!! congrats again, kj

out of office reply: gone to hawaii

it’s going to be quiet here for a little bit; i need to unplug for a few days. (that means the computer is staying behind.) we leave for hawaii this am to shoot brent and kim’s wedding and then to rest for a few days post wedding. i am delirious with excitement. :) i’ll be back with so much great stuff soon. until then enjoy something soft and sweet, beautiful and romantic from bri and phil’s sublime wedding.

be back soon. aloha!!!

the great pumpkin

i think the majority of us love this time of year for the basic reason that it sparks nostalgia. we love where it takes us: to the catacombs of our memories. i think that might be why i feel a certain pressure and responsibility to my children. i want them to consider their childhoods in technicolor! i want them to be filled with a rush of remembrance.

my friend and colleague, renee hindman, has been so good to remind me lately that the most important subjects i will ever photograph are my own children. i owe it to them, we all do, to document their lives in some way, so they have a record that helps spark this nostalgia i seek to create in all my portraiture!! renee and i came up with an idea, focused completely on our kids, that someday, will hopefully, remind them of how crazy they made us! I AM KIDDING!! we came up with an idea that we thought was smart on so many levels: time with kids, make memories with kids, kids have fun with other kids, and while the kids play the mommies get to visit about life and be understood! :) we also wanted to shoot something that would have meaning for everyone who saw our images. hopefully the final images of this set make you remember something about this time of year, and your childhood.

thank you renee, for reminding me.

thank you gunnar and larkin for loving me as much as you do. i hope you know, and feel, trust, and believe how much i love you too. here’s to your youth and all of its happiness!!


and these should take you back somewhere circa this:

(sorry for the poor res; was the best i could find at the size i needed.)

thank you to my good friend and assistant, amanda, and to sandra for the rush on the sign; it was perfect!! and now has home in  my front yard!! each year i will think of you two when i pull it out. ;)

thank you again renee, for the hustle and the friendship!

gunnar and larkin, i love you both so much!

happy nostalgia inducing tuesday everyone!!!

save the dates

does time feel like it’s speeding up? once october hits it feels like it just flies to the holidays! the older i get the faster it all goes; i am going to wake up, be 90, and be so glad i took so many pictures to remember it all. ;) in hopes of reminding all of you too i wanted to compile i few save the dates to help you remember too:

wednesday oct. 19th is the 2nd annual ghost shoot and kamee june composition side kick. read all the details and register here.

november 3rd-6th i am going to be in arizona, the surprise-pheonix area. i have a few portrait sessions still open. please contact me to check availabilities and to reserve your spot!! i am also teaching a mamarazzi (a photography workshop designed especially for moms) photography class on friday november 4th in surprise, az. the class i taught here was covered over the course of 3 months. i am going to teach the same information, basically how to operate your equipment, how to understand light, and how to take better pictures of your kids to create better memories for yourself to, essentially, help you remember!! ;) only in one night!!  it’s going to be great!! read the details here and register for the class using the button below. please email me if you have any questions about the mom workshop; i’m happy to answer them!!

mamarazzi: photography workshop designed specifically for moms



november 19th in orange, ca i am shooting holiday mini sessions. there are a few of those left too and would love for them all to be filled!! read the details on the mini sessions here and contact me to schedule your appointment.

AND just to tip you off, the month of november is going to be huge if you are engaged, getting engaged, or hope someday to be engaged and know your want me to be your wedding photographer; be sure to check back early november for the wedding photography sale of a lifetime!! ;)

AND another tip, the kj black friday sale this year? OFF THE HOOK! starting to get that all lined-up now!! you will want to start your shopping off that day here!! fill your stocking with me this year for sure!!

hope the reminder list helped you remember. hope the day is great too!! excited to see you, when i see you, kj

email me at with any questions about your save the date list! i’m excited to hear from you!!

ps the images included in the post (because blog words are always better accompanied with images) were from my september trip to nashville. there will be more soon. just a few for now to help enhance the reading and reminding experience!!

i would love to, renee, thank you!


thank you so much for thinking of me! i would absolutely love to. i mean, i figured you would ask me eventually. i know we haven’t been able to get together to go shopping or find the things you need but i am sure i can pick something up while i am out that will match the others. not sure if you have a flower girl yet either, but i am certain larkin will do nicely with your theme and feel; she pretty much matches everything. in the meantime, thanks for thinking of me, and asking, i mean i know you haven’t officially asked, but i am sure it’s coming, so i will just officially accept your offer to be in your wedding, even though you haven’t asked. i just know it’s coming, and i can’t wait. larkin and i, oh and jaren too, he can stand on omar’s side and be in the wedding party too, totally, wholeheartedly accept your invitation, that is yet to come, to be in your wedding.

love you much soon-to-be-best friend forever,



CAN YOU IMAGINE??? so awkward!!! renee, also please know i am wholeheartedly teasing!! :)

she an i were recently discussing awkward things that could happen in relation to a wedding; i thought i’d throw another idea out there!!

all jokes aside, i do feel a total connection to this couple, and am over the moon, that i get to be a part, the photography part, of their wedding!!!

these two are just fun. laughs and jokes all around. i wouldn’t be surprised if people invited themselves into their wedding: i wanted to be close to their energy too!!

oh, and they are filled with passion and romance. and you all know how much i love that!

love this one. so much.

and a few black and whites as the sun set and the moon rose:

renee and omar,

from my heart, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. i am honored and flattered that i get to be there to witness, document, and share in the celebration. i’m in love with your love and can’t wait to see more of it!! thank you again for thinking of me! excited for our next round of pictures!!!

i do really love you both,


ps renee, i always have van morrison’s moondance in my head when i think of you. that song should have been written about you! i’ll let him sing us out, and all the nights magic seems to whisper and hush, and all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush.

the rustic alley: a new business and a celebratory giveaway

i love it when women decide to go into business for themselves. it adds more fuel to this fire i have in myself. i feel really proud of them and want to do all i can to support the efforts and vision. when my friend allison told me she was starting her own business i couldn’t stop smiling, i couldn’t stop feeling so proud of her!!! she is an incredible artist in terms of interior design. she has always been really craft and every time i would visit i felt inspired by what she had just “made” or “rebuilt” or “refurbished”.

she has recently launched a new business called the rustic alley. run to her blog; read it every day!! add her on facebook and like the rustic alley fan page!! she finds these old pieces of furniture and then turns them into works of art with a little bit of tlc!! i wish we were closer; i would like to visit her house before each shoot to borrow a chair or trunk, a couch or bench. she is so insanely talented and such a geniunely good person. i wish her business much longevity and success!!! if you are looking for a piece for your house that has just that look, or if you have something but just don’t know what to do with it, get in touch with her; she will rework that couch to look like something that should be in a museum. she’s that good.

in honor of her and her new business she is offering, well, me, as a giveaway!! ;) all you have to do is head over to her blog, follow the directions there and then tomorrow she will pick a winner!! the photo shoot giveaway is happening at just the right time too; it’s perfect for holiday photographs!! can’t wait to see who wins!!

allison, everything you touch turns to gold. i am so happy for you!! congratulations on this launch; i know you are going to be so fulfilled through this and i know are going to fill so many lives through the people you will meet!! love and luck, my friend!!! xxoo kj

these were taken a few years ago during one of my visits to az. they were short a daughter here. ;) allison, refurbishes furniture similar to the piece in the photographs!! you must check out her stuff! she’s so incredible and has such an eye for texture and color!! i can’t wait to see what she makes next!!

i loved this image. we shot it before we even started, but i wanted to re-share it here:


the rustic alleyhere’s to you allison and all the beauty you are!!! xoxo kj

{elevate} a fine art photography exploration: project 2

i love to visit museums. i always have. since i was young i can remember enjoying a visit to a museum. much like a library, i feel smart, when i visit. cultured. textured. interesting. i am also fascinated by the relics of time and their preservation, and i also love considering the origins of inspiration for the pieces i am observing. i often wonder what was the muse behind the creation.

when i was teaching i taught a brief unit on greek mythology. i particularly enjoyed the myths revolving around the muses: the nymphs that would rest softly on the poet, artist, author, or builder and whisper the inspiration to create. i love this imagery of a goddess divine breathing artistry, insight, grace, and vision into your heart!

i have been calling on the muses lately. trying to listen carefully to what they speak to me. i recently had the ridiculous opportunity to travel to nashville, tennessee to work with a couple other photographers. thank you chesley summar and rebecca walker for the invitiation; you have no idea how both of you inspired me! while there i knew i wanted to create some type of shoot that played on the whole concept of the “muse”.

with the help of amy lynn larwig, one of nashville’s most sought after hair and make up designers, and our models, jordana and trent, we put together something i like to call the poet and the muse.

i hope you enjoy it as this month’s fine art project! may the muse you are hoping for rest softly on your shoulder and inspire something powerful in you.

the poet and the muse:

for more from 15 other muses who inspire me click here and follow the chain! wendy vonsosen has something beautiful waiting for us…

something in the post: holiday mini sessions with kamee june

one of my favorite parts of the christmas season is checking the  mail! i love catching up with everyone and feeling close to them even though miles separate. i think it should be compulsory to send out a card quarterly not just at christmas: a christmas card, an easter card, a summer vacation card, and heck, why not, a valentine’s card! wouldn’t that be great! :) oh, and a photograph needs to be a requirement for all of the cards! ;)

i do love getting the mail at christmas time. i especially love it when clients send me their cards. i love to see what they did with the photographs we created together! sometimes i do a double take, once i realize it is a picture i took, i smile. big time. so happy to have been a part of their memory making that year!

it’s time, again, for holiday portraits! time to make some memories and immortalize what your family looks like in 2011. it’s so important to document this, every year!! i know it can be a daunting task! i am facing it right now myself; my family pictures are scheduled for next week and i am in the throws of what to wear…i get it; i totally understand! that’s part of the reason why i try to make it so mellow for you! having your pictures taken really can be a great experience!! it really can be just about time with your family!

this year i decided to offer mini-sessions! i wanted to make the family photograph available for as many who wanted to have a noteworthy picture taken of their family without going through a full session or a full session price (even though their are great benefits to doing that!! ;))!

here’s the scoop:

find some clothes that coordinate. throw them on your people. meet me for 20 minutes in old orange at your scheduled time on november 19th. we’ll spend some time making memories and capturing something perfect for the christmas card and the walls of your home! i’ll give you your favorite two images (perfect for holiday greetings) on disk, AND to make things even easier for you, if you choose (and pay a bit extra) i’ll make all your holiday cards for you!! slick as a whistle! ;) can you imagine not even having to worry about that? (i’ll leave the addressing and stamping to you, but the rest will be taken care of on this end; piece of cake! ;))

here’s the details:

when: november 19th, 2011

900am-100pm (sessions will be in increments of 20 minutes. just show up at your time at the designated place. ;))

where: old orange, ca

investment: $180.00 (that includes 20 minutes of shoot time and two fully edited, full resolution, full rights digital images (you also will have the option to purchase additional print/ digital images at regular price from my a la carte menu).

OR you can choose to include your christmas cards in the mini-session for $325.00 (that includes 20 minutes of shoot time, two fully edited, full resolution, full rights digital images, AND 75 holiday cards (the card will be a 5×7 full color, double-sided, card printed on premium photographic card stock with the photo on one side and your personalized message on the other. your envelopes will be included as well.) consider the time it will save you! 20 minutes and then you are done!! ;) you have the option to purchase additional holiday cards. all cards must be purchased in increments of 25; cards pricing is $1.95/card.

for more information and to book your holiday mini session fire me off an email at i can’t wait to meet you all and be a part of your holidays!!

to give you an idea of what old orange has to offer in terms of location check out this incredible session i shot there this summer! i loved this family so much and have my fingers crossed they buy a home right next to us; i would love to be their neighbors!!

such a GREAT family! so warm and kind! they made me laugh and i love that they laughed at my jokes too! :) they made me smile too! such personality in all of them! i think that’s why i love the family session so much: it’s so cool to see each family’s distinctive and inviting personality!

love. LOVE both of these!

and these two? personality PLUS!!

all of them… just such great people!

i can’t wait to get their christmas card! i hope the return address in my same zip code. ;)

and i can’t wait to meet your family and be a part of your holiday greetings!!! looking forward to it! email me to get your reservation made! excited to hear from you!!!!! happy holidays!!!!! kj

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