just something about her

there is just something about her:


she is soft and refined, like royalty. she is articulate and sweet and her heart pumps goodness. i want so desperately to describe her but words are failing me.

“She may be the song the summer sings
May be the chill the autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of the day.”


“she may be the mirror of my dream
the smile reflected in a stream”


i have this compulsion for you to know her; she is everything good in this world bottled up in her tiny little frame. i desperately want to tell you all about the love and sense of unity and family that i felt at her and dan’s wedding, but again, the words fail me.

there is just something divine about her. something ethereal. something resplendent.


to know her is to love her, and dan is lucky to know and hold her and her transcendent heart for the rest of his life.

“She may be the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I’m alive
The one I’ll care for through the rough and ready years
Me, I’ll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes, I’ve got to be
The meaning of my life is…she”


their day was as nothing short of perfect. they had waited long enough for it. good things are always worth the wait though, right?








their bridal party was filled with the same positive energy these two encompass:




and some risk takers as well:


they built plenty of time into their schedule for portraits; it was ideal. we strolled the beach together, taking in the heart beat of the earth and soaking in the stillness before the rush of commitment and celebration:















their ceremony was officiated by a friend. it made it that much more personalized and intimate. intimate in a very playful way:


dan doned his video-grapher cap:









a few details. i am fastly falling in love with the bouquet. i think it is one of my favorite details of a wedding:



i actually loved this image. the lone color pop was cool to me:


i was fascinated by these lighting fixtures; i thought they were also, well, cool:





they danced:



my second shooter and dear friend joy caught this one. i loved the movement:


and celebrated and “ate” cake:




renee and dan: your life together will be incredible because the two of you make it that way. you have found the perfect balance in yourselves!!


i loved being a part of your day. may you think fondly of it; i know i will! ;) congrats to you and your families!! much love, kj


ps joy, thank you so much for being there and for all of your undying encouragement and support. if i am anne, you get to be diana for sure!! much love to you too!!

something tangible: a sneak peek

i won’t lie; i got emotional, a time or two during their day.

how could i not? their love is so strong and special it’s tangible. so happy to have been there to feel it!! more to come from helen and glenn’s incredible wedding day! happy honeymooning, you two!!




the power of surprise

i believe in a lot of powers: the power of god, the power of one, the power of family, friends, and neighbors, the power of love, the power of rest, the power of words, the power of silence and quiet, and the power of the unexpected surprise.

the unexpected surprise, i believe, has the power to make people feel so special, so loved.

it always, makes me feel that way.

this unexpected surprise showed up on my doorstep a few days ago. i felt special. i felt so much love.


thank you, from my heart!!

and, could this unexpected surprise be any more kamee june’d? ;) (these flowers will show up again in the lesson on branding! ;))


so incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, and kind.

after you read this think of an unexpected surprise you could do for someone else, and do it. it’s pretty powerful! ;)

tina fab and something really cool that happened yesterday!

we call her tina fab. and she has always been special to us.


this woman balances the world on her pinkie. and she does it with charisma, style, humor, compassion, patience, and love.


we call her fab. her children and her man call her beloved.


more from their family- minus one (tina fab’s man is serving our country in afghanistan)- session soon!!!

speaking of fab….this landed yesterday! totally made me feel so special!! thanks to all those who nominated me and to the maternal lens for the shout out on their blog! felt so happy to have been featured here !!! thank you again, so much!!!

school is so cool

since i first met them i knew i was going to like their family. when kari told me she was a teacher who took time away from the classroom to be home with her children, i melted even more, connecting with her instantly. when i discovered andy was a high school teacher and now an administrator my heart tugged for what used to be in room 903. there is just something special about the heart of a teacher. and i am not just saying that because in my heart of hearts that’s who i am; i truly believe there is something special about those who give selflessly by trying to stretch the minds of our future. i am starting to get emotional. andy, can you get me a job at the high school? please. i have two degrees, speak two languages, and i love, i mean love teaching. what-ca got for me? ;)

when i see these two with their children it makes me think of all of the lives they have touched who have felt of their interest, concern, and support. not to mention their love.


not just their students, any one who knows them, in fact, is lucky. they are so incredibly patient, nice, genuine, kind, and warm: the perfect makings of a great teachers.

oh, and happy and smiley: two more important teacher traits. ;)



and they are fun and playful and seizers of moments.


teachers also, for some reason, just “get” what is important:


i know the boys weren’t looking here. what mattered was who was looking at who:


and these two are so good together:



and so are these two:






just a few more “class pictures”:



kari’s family joined us at the beginning of the shoot, and to my surprise i discovered that they are all teachers. so cool!!! how could i now flip for a family of teachers?



tell me your heart doesn’t flip, looking at this. to feel this way and to be willing to share it with the world is a gift. (that’s a teacher for you!!! ;)) i dare you, triple dog dare you, to look a these next two images and not feel something sweet inside:


kari and family, all of the family, thanks for coming out!! it was so great meeting such good people who are giving back so much in hopes of building a better, stronger, smarter future for ourselves and our children.

kari, andy, drew, and jack, every time we meet it is a treat.


thank you for all the opportunities i have to spend time with you; i am always so grateful!! may you continue inspiring others, especially the two young minds under your roof!!

ps kari, you look INCREDIBLE!!! ;)


such a sweet and special bride: a sneak peek

friday, my friend joy and i headed to malibu to shoot a wedding. everything about it was lovely.

especially the bride.


all brides are beautiful, but this one had something extra special about her. just a way about her that made her glide instead of walk, sing instead of speak, and radiate instead of brighten. renee is something so special.


her and dan’s wedding was an incredible celebration of family and love!!


i can’t wait to share it. stay tuned, kj


clicking shutters: kamee june workshop ca style, sneak peek

i do love the sound of a shutter. click. click. click. when i hear a choir of shutters, furiously opening and closing, exposing the light and capturing, it does something to me! ;) i am sure you can only image the shutter symphony i heard at saturday’s workshop while photographing kara and kyle!!

just a sneak peek of a few from my view!



i loved the little nuances that were fused into the modern shoot from the period shoot. super cool!!



thank you to everyone who was there; i am so inspired by all of you!!

big shout outs and thank you’s coming to so many people that made the day happen, AND details for the next kj workshop soon!! stay tuned!!

i fall for them

again and again and again. every time i meet this family i become more and more enchanted. hard not to.



more coming!!!

and some great stuff from friday’s wedding and saturday’s workshop; still feeling a high from both of them!! excited to share my captures and my feelings. be back soon…

stars: they’re just like us

jaren and i always laugh at that section in us weekly with the pictures of stars doing things “we” do, like getting coffee, listening to their ipods, jogging, walking their dogs, picking their noses, etc. it’s funny because, why wouldn’t stars do all those things? i mean, of course they do! just because you are jennifer aniston doesn’t mean you don’t put one leg in your pants at a time. or maybe she has a helper who does that for her, gets her dressed every morning. i don’t know, but nonetheless, we think that section is pretty hysterical, because in reality they are just people with well-known names and incredibly-sized pay checks. ;)

while shooting this session and thinking about hollywood and what it consists of i got to thinking about how some of the “famous-es” got to be famous. everyone had to start somewhere right? the more i thought about it the more interested i became in their humble beginnings, so i did some research and stumbled across some really great commercials; i am laughing now just thinking about them. really, no star is allowed a big head…not when you start with a heinz commercial. ;) i surfed around a bit more and found some other interesting tid-bits:

amy adams, oscar nominated actress worked at hooters after graduating from high school and being discovered.

jessica alba started with ninetendo and jc penny commercials.

tim allen spent two years in prison for dealing cocaine before turning his life around!

kirstie alley was a contestant on two games shows before hitting it big.

jennifer anniston, before having people who put her pants on for her ;), was both a telemarketer and a waitress.

dan aykroyd was a mail sorted and had originally intended on being a catholic priest.

lucille ball worked in an ice cream shop; she was fired for forgetting to add the banana.

sandra bullock worked as a bar tender, a coat checker, and a cocktail waitress before her golden lights days.

whoppi goldberg worked as a bricklayer and a make-up artist at a funeral home.

brad pitt drove limousines and dressed as a chicken to entice people to eat at a certain mexican restaurant.

all real people, just like us. ;)

i wonder what write-ups there will be about michelle, a few years from now! ;) what will be her “start”, and will she remember the rest of us as she is sitting at the academy awards? ;) i hope so.

just like the rest of them (and all of us actually!!), michelle too, has a dream.


and she is going for it!


and i believe in her and her dreams.


michelle will be the actress cast because people will like her. she is going to be the one that is called-backed because she is memorable and makes you consider, whatever it is that needs considering. she also has enough energy, spunk, and pep to light up the hollywood sign herself!




i am excited for her. i love how she is embracing this adventure and walking boldly towards it without knowing what will happen next. she is prepared for all it might hold; i have everything crossed that is holds much success and that it fulfills her on every level!!






when michelle’s lucky stars start shining back at her i know she will remember her roots. i also know that when i see her in us weekly sipping on her diet coke with a ridiculous caption that reads, “they drink soft drinks.”, that she will still be as humble and as grateful as she was the day we met. i think she is going to add some grace back to the sparkle city!!


michelle, may your dreams come true! may you embrace the ups and downs that will come with the biz. may your first commercial be one that airs during the super bowl!! :) so excited for you! good luck. i can’t wait for the day when i can say, “i knew her when…” ;)

much love and luck to you, kj


the sassy sass sass sassies

i love the name sarah. i always have. i just think it is classic, refined, beautiful and simplistic. that no one who is named sarah can do any wrong. i would love to name a child sarah, but a) i don’t know if i will birth any more children, and b) not sure if it works with gunnar or larkin; know what i mean? nonetheless, i still have an affinity for that name and interestingly enough, have an affinity for all sarahs, i have ever met. ever.

this sarah is on the brink of a new chapter. she is graduating next week from high school.


remember that time in your life? when the only thing that mattered was taking care of yourself. you weren’t selfish, but the only thing you needed to worry about was you? remember that time? it was so carefree, right? so liberating. so do- what- you- want- when- you- want. remember? those were good days. good times. not that the days got worse, they are still adventurous and bright and totally wonderful, but those days, the brink of college days, were especially good ones. sarah is getting ready to embrace them, and embrace them she will. because that’s just who she is.


sarah lives up to her name: classic, refined, beautiful and simplistic:




with a twist of spunk and individuality:


and a whole lot-a sass:




(i know this image is similar to the one above, but i loved them both and couldn’t decide on a fav; they both made the cut. ;))



i met sarah at the beginning of her senior year; we worked together on her college applications essays (i still keep my fingers in the teaching/writing pot. it’s just too much a part of me not to. ;)) i learned so much about her then, namely that she comes from a family who loves her , that she is grounded in herself and her belief system, that she sets big goals and achieves them, that she is reliable and trustworthy, and a very good friend.

jump ahead months, several months. sarah contacted me for her senior pictures and told me she wanted to bring her two besties along. I LOVED THE IDEA and thought that should always be included in the senior portrait session package, simply because friends, in high school, are such a tremendous factor in defining who you are as a person. it was really cool to see the dynamic of this friendship. i would have like to have been friends with these girls if i was still in high school. ;)





sarah is headed to smith. not sure how the all girls’ school is going to play out for this social butterfly. ;) i do know she is going to be involved and a friend to everyone she meets. i also know she is going to grow in ways she didn’t even know she could.


sarah, may you always find laughter in everything you do. may you remember your positivity is one of your greatest strengths.


may you ride the waves that come with grace and perspective!


to all three of the sassies: one of my favorite author’s richard bach wrote, “don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. a farewell is necessary to meet again. and meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends.” may you always be close! may you always catch up at the beach each summer.

sarah, thank you so much for this opportunity. it was really cool. kind of like coming full circle!! i am thrilled for you. congratulations!! let’s here it for the class of 2010 and all it’s sass!!!


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