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since i first met them i knew i was going to like their family. when kari told me she was a teacher who took time away from the classroom to be home with her children, i melted even more, connecting with her instantly. when i discovered andy was a high school teacher and now an administrator my heart tugged for what used to be in room 903. there is just something special about the heart of a teacher. and i am not just saying that because in my heart of hearts that’s who i am; i truly believe there is something special about those who give selflessly by trying to stretch the minds of our future. i am starting to get emotional. andy, can you get me a job at the high school? please. i have two degrees, speak two languages, and i love, i mean love teaching. what-ca got for me? 😉

when i see these two with their children it makes me think of all of the lives they have touched who have felt of their interest, concern, and support. not to mention their love.


not just their students, any one who knows them, in fact, is lucky. they are so incredibly patient, nice, genuine, kind, and warm: the perfect makings of a great teachers.

oh, and happy and smiley: two more important teacher traits. 😉



and they are fun and playful and seizers of moments.


teachers also, for some reason, just “get” what is important:


i know the boys weren’t looking here. what mattered was who was looking at who:


and these two are so good together:



and so are these two:






just a few more “class pictures”:



kari’s family joined us at the beginning of the shoot, and to my surprise i discovered that they are all teachers. so cool!!! how could i now flip for a family of teachers?



tell me your heart doesn’t flip, looking at this. to feel this way and to be willing to share it with the world is a gift. (that’s a teacher for you!!! ;)) i dare you, triple dog dare you, to look a these next two images and not feel something sweet inside:


kari and family, all of the family, thanks for coming out!! it was so great meeting such good people who are giving back so much in hopes of building a better, stronger, smarter future for ourselves and our children.

kari, andy, drew, and jack, every time we meet it is a treat.


thank you for all the opportunities i have to spend time with you; i am always so grateful!! may you continue inspiring others, especially the two young minds under your roof!!

ps kari, you look INCREDIBLE!!! 😉