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i get super excited at the thought of attending anyone’s wedding, as a guest for sure, and absolutely as the photographer. i feel like i have this ultra special responsibility and role to play. (that’s a bit of an understatement, right? 😉 it’s cool to be there preserving time, recording history, and celebrating something so significant: the legitimization of love!

when interest emails come through to shoot a wedding i get all giddy like i have just been kissed for the very first time. i am not kidding. when the initial interest comes in i have the same reaction every. single. time: “that’s so cool that they are considering me; i hope i get to go to their wedding.” when maryann contacted me it was no different. i was especially interested in this wedding because i was ultra magnetized to maryann and her personality. she is passionate and energized, like me. 😉 she is the girl everyone wants to sit by, the one everyone wants to know, the one everyone wants to have in her speed dial, the one everyone wants to call best friend. i knew i was going to like her from our first correspondence. and i do, like her, very much. i think she is wonderful positive energy.

not to mention she is a total crack-up.


and amazingly beautiful:






she and bryan, like some couples, had a few hurdles to make their wedding day happen. during one of our conversations mar and i were talking about everything that was happening and how she was coping with it all. i know it got stressful for her at times; she had so many decisions to make and not too much time to make them. i could tell while we were talking that the planning was taking it’s toll and she was ready for the celebrating to come. i don’t remember everything that i said but i do remember telling her, “what matters is that it will happen.” and happen it did.

and happen it did, beautifully.


maryann and bryan chose to be married in the san diego lds temple. it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day, had they special ordered it:


lds ceremonies are private so we waited until they had said their “i do’s” to meet the new mr. and mrs.


i love this image. i love the little happy smile lines in her nose.


i love to observe “freshly marrieds”. they are all smiles and tenderness. giggles and hushed secrets. these two were no know when people are just made to be together? like there is no one else in this world that could complete that person? this is for sure that match! they are both such geniune people who care so much for one another and the happiness of the other. their love was so evident that i found myself getting a little caught up in their moments as well. i was happy to be there to experience them and to record those seconds in time.





snapped this of bry real quick while maryann was saying goodbye to a few quests. it is a perfect represention of  him:


these two were willing to do anything i asked, but also wanted to make sure they had a few traditional wedding day portraits:



these next two could possibly be my favorites from the temple:



like i said, blue skies were smiling back at them…


i appreciate when a couple builds enough time into their day for photographs. it just gives them more moments to relish being together alone, well, with me…alone :), before the big party happens! we headed to laguna; i was so happy we did.

LOVE THIS IMAGE. you know how each girl dreams of her wedding day. these girls made a love tunnel. i could just see each of them smile at the thought of “someday”.


these two are so stunning on so many levels; they are just good people who care about each other and are going to make a beautiful life for the other and and any “others” that might be added later. 😉 and seriously, those “others” have no chance but to gorgeous people as well, inside and out.


another favorite:




this was shot in between takes, but i loved it so much. i just thought it was cool and distinctive…



the groom. so happy, so smiley, because they happened! 😉


and my second shooter, who i adore and admire more than there are words, rachel clare, shot this one as we were walking away from laguna and on to our next stop…


newport beach, to the harborside pavilion and grand ballroom. an establishing shot, which i love:


their bridal party was made up of family, mostly. i always think that is really neat, when a bride and groom choose their brothers and sisters as their best people on that day.

the ladies were sassy. let’s just say it. a little “sassitude” as my friend joy would say, but they were working it.


they guys worked it to. they were really such great people to work with, so fun. full of jokes and laughs; those are my kind of people. 😉


a few details from the reception before the rush of celebrators hit. i adore that she used the poppy; it is one of my favorite red flowers. ever. it’s so underused, but in a way that makes it really cool and original when it is used. props, maryann on choosing the underused and standing out. that’s cool! maryann’s flowers were designed by the incredibly talented aubrey of designs by aubrey. so impressed with her and her talent.


yum! a shout out to dina reynolds of lots of frosting cake designs. (i would link, but her business card didn’t include one. if this cake is exactly what you want on your day contact me and i will give you the info on her card. she was incredibly friendly as well!!! ;))


rachel, who seriously is so awesome and cool on so many levels shot this of the rings. seriously, run to her site, start following her. she is inspiring beyond belief. i was so happy to have her there; it felt like two girlfriends on a day trip taking lots of great pictures together!! she is fantastic. love her, you will too!


a few more portraits by this awesome black door right outside the venue:



and then they mingled with all their friends and family that came to support two people who fell in love and made a choice to live this life happily.

another rachel shot of their first dance. loved it!!


and before we knew it, it was time to leave, and all those weeks of stressful planning and tricky choice making turned into nothing but mist as a new chapter in a beautiful life started. i believe that happiness is a choice. i know their choice to get married will make them happy for the rest of their lives.

and i am happy, for them, that it happened!


a total photographic mistake, but i LOVE it anyway:


maryann and bryan, the journey begins. so happy you have each other! so happy it happened and that i could be a part of it. may you always enjoy the moment. may your hearts be full of compassion and love for each other each day of your life. may you smile all the time, like you already do. and may you enjoy the next great mile stone, or moment that happens. thank you from my heart for choosing me; much love to both of you, kj