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this is what i know:

my house is a menagerie of sippy cups. i find them in my closet, under the bed, in the toy box, in the pantry sometimes with week-old chocolate curdle, and i even find them in my clothes hamper.

jaren has two surprises for me for my birthday. i love surprises so the thought of two is making me all school-girl-first-kiss giddy.

on the flip of giddy… in the past week i have had a good friend move far away and another good friend tell me she is moving far away too. i know this makes my heart hurt and my eyes puffy. 

i have been tired the past four years (that’s how old gunnar is); i could go to sleep every night at 6:00 if mac wasn’t so alluring.

twizzlers make a really great lunch.

i know i love diet coke with cherry grenadine. i know i would like to own a coke machine with unlimited syrup.

i would like to go to nyc, hawaii, or london for our 10th year wedding anniversary.

i know i spend the majority of my day stopping my baby from going up the stairs or sitting behind my baby so she doesn’t fall down the stairs.

i love wednesday because it is so you think you can dance night.

and i also know i am really, really, really (yes, it is a triple really) excited about tomorrow’s shoot.

she is beautiful, spunky, and famous

here’s a hint.

and here’s another sneak peek at the boat shoot. they are coming soon.