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it’s coming. almost here. can you feel it? taste it? i know you see it. it comes earlier and earlier each year. this year i felt a particular compulsion to listen to what the christmas decorating fairies were whispering in my ear: decorate early. get it all up. lengthen the spirit of it all… so i did. i pulled it all out yesterday. we are up to our knees in gold glitter, sparkling ornaments, ribbon, candy jars, stockings, all of it! my kids are beside themselves. they have drafts and drafts of christmas lists. it’s the most wonderful time of the year is currently playing on pandora. one of my favorite parts of the holiday season however is the lights. i love them, am mesmerized by them. i especially love white twinkle lights. i just think they are so sweet, so romantic, so softly perfect and inviting.

i feel the same way about this family as i do white twinkle lights. they captured me at the first glisten!! so happy to have met them and to be under their spell!!

ahhhh, the personified twinkle light. don’t you love it? i do. so much.

alyssa, kev, madison, and taylor, thank you for being a part of my holiday season. thank you for bringing the sparkle. so happy we met!! much love to you all!! happy holiday, kj

ps alyssa, get ready for 2012; i have plans for us!!! 😉