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for christmas cards!! they start going out the 1st of december. i love the mail at christmas time, i really do. it’s probably the only time i will beat jaren to get it! it’s just so good to hear from everyone, and i love all the festive that comes with each card. it just makes me feel happy. when i get a card with a picture that i shot? it’s surreal almost, like i have to take a bit longer to soak it in. i LOVE it though, and that too makes me happy!!

bethany is my friend from arizona. she is no stranger to the blog or the world of photography!! i was incredibly humbled to be a part of their memory making this year!! more of these will come soon as i can come up for air, but out of the three showcased here which gets your vote for christmas card insert? 😉





or c)


leave your vote in the comments section and we’ll see which one is the winner! 😉

have a bright and colorful week everyone!!! kj