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everyone knows i am a teacher; that’s who i am! and i hope that everyone knows that if i were still teaching at tesoro high school i would be striking along side my fellow family of teachers. unfortunately, right now my former colleagues and some of my dearest friends are in the middle of a huge political mess; it’s spiraling into something awful! it’s gnarly and so, so sad, on so many levels!!

i grabbed this video from youtube after watching it on becker’s blog. (april, my good friend, is chris’s sister.) it explains the issue. whatever happened to playing nice on the playground? to listening to one another? to compromise? to “everything i needed to know i learned in kindergarden?” FROM A TEACHER!!!

if you live in orange county in the san juan capistrano school district, HONK when you pass these teachers. take them a box of doughnuts, pizza, or a case of water. walk by and hold their signs for a few minutes. if they ask you to sign a petition regarding the recall of two board members sign it in permanent ink!! if you believe in god offer a prayer that this will end, that these teachers can go back to what they believe in: teaching our future.

this is me carrying all of your signs. walking along beside you. honking loudly.

i am grateful for all of the sacrifices you are making (everything is going to be ok!!). resolution will come. until then…march on!