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i had lunch with a good girlfriend today. i was able to go without my littles and really be able to visit with my friend. i had one of those moments, you know the ones where you have this huge feeling, like the heavens open and this tremendous sense Β of gratitude overcomes you, where you feel so blessed for the people who are in your life. i felt that way. i needed her today. i left our lunch feeling understood, and next to feeling love that my favorite way to feel.

i honestly feel that paths cross for a certain reason, because we need each other, at specific times, for specific reasons. it’s actually, when you think about, pretty cool. people come in and out of our lives all the time. relationships ebb and flow. some people you need for a moment and some you need for a lifetime; for whatever amount of time your paths parallel there is a reason you have met that individual. i feel so blessed to have good friends who care so much about me and are so interested in me and my dreams. i am grateful that they have understanding hearts and know that i love them even though i don’t always have time to call, or write, or email, or even text. i appreciate their examples, the support they show me and my dreams, and the love they always give. i am blessed, of that i am certain.

amanda is one of those people in my Β life whose path i am extremely grateful crossed mine. she makes the sun rise and set for kamee june that’s for sure! sometimes i think i just need to turn my calendar over to her and have her call me each day with the places i need to be and the people i need to see. she would keep me on top of it all, she already does. she has been helping me with so much of the back-end (and even some of the front end) of the business and i feel so appreciative, beyond words, for what she does. i look forward to the weeks she is scheduled to come or for the shoots she is set to help with. there is something about her. something magnetic. she just texted that she is bringing me dinner on thursday. those are the paths you want to cross with yours. the ones of people who offer to bring you food. πŸ™‚ which paths can i cross to bring me dinner every day of the week? πŸ˜‰ amanda is just that person, selfless and good. people like her because she is so good and nice. she thinks to bring dinner without any obvious need. that humbles me, almost to tears. if you know her then you will agree that you appreciate her path in your life because of her thoughtful heart and cheerful spirit. i like being with her because she is uplifting, and which path doesn’t need that?

i see her often, and i am grateful. i hope she knows she has left an indelible mark on my heart. i also hope our paths never stop crossing, because i want to keep being fed! all jokes in my pockets…i hope our paths always parallel each other. she’s my multi-vitamen, my shot in the arm, my regular check up for good health. she’s one of my people and i am so grateful for her.


and i know she is grateful for her people too!! πŸ˜‰


her little people…



and her “man” people…


LOVE this one:


and this one makes me happy. (quick story. this little guy is nico. he comes with amanda when she comes to help out. gunnar, although he isn’t always the best host, really does enjoy their visits, especially with gianna, nico’s sister. πŸ˜‰ gunnar and i have been talking about what toys the north pole elf needs to clean out before santa can bring new toys this year. i asked gunnar, “do you feel the elf could take the train table away?” “no, mom! what would nico play with when he comes to visit? we better keep that one around for him.”)



amanda and i have baby girls whose lives parallel each other right now too. they both have incredible pipes, and let us know what they need and when they need it. or what they want or what they are not pleased with. if they weren’t so stinkin’ cute!!



the personality here is exploding. please put this one on the christmas card or somewhere in the house. πŸ˜‰


no? alright. perhaps one of these will do then!!


amanda, thank you, from my heart, for all you do for me, personally and also for kamee june; i am so grateful! thank you for being such a loyal path.

to the whole family, i think we are having the same dinner on thursday! πŸ˜‰ it’s going to be delicious! i love you all very much!!!

here’s to the sun riser and setter. hugging you, right now!! see you thursday! kam