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last saturday i kicked it with an incredible photographer who is already making serious waves in the print world and who will soon do the same in the wedding industry. he and i were treated to an incredible shoot designed by my friend katrina and modeled by my friends vince and ashley. this is just a taste. there will be more soon.

to katrina: it can’t happen without you; no way. you know i am always so grateful!

to vince and ashley: your uncle was right vince, you both should have gone into modeling; thank you so much!

to ralph: thank you for sharing “the meter”, for “lighting it up” and for showing me how you see it too; i KNOW incredible things are in your future!!

just a sprinkling…a pouring soon:








and some really incredible off-camera flash brought to you by ralph; i was so inspired, and will be making a huge purchase soon…:)


more soon. thank you again to everyone involved! it was a great day!!! cheers, kamee