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i know that i am in my 30’s. i get it and accept it, but my spirit will always be in the 18-29ish range. know what i am saying? 😉 i have a certain affinity for high school seniors; i know that i am not their age, but i feel a closeness to it for some reason. probably because my metaphorical 18-29 year old spirit wants to eternally connect with the literal theirs. 🙂

i find myself gravitated to where they are in their lives and what is awaiting them, and i feel energized by that light and zest:


there is something electric about being on the brink of the unknown…about being close to stepping out alone…about embracing life as an adult with what you have been given and taught as an adolescent:



lauren’s ready, ready for what’s ahead and excited for the adventure.


her future is bright, as is she:



lauren, thank you for sharing your 18 year old spirit with me!! it matched mine! 😉 i am so happy we met, and i feel so excited for you and all the thrilling uncertainty that awaits you!! take it all in stride. soak it all in. enjoy the ride. GO TO CLASS! be free. savor this chapter in your unforgettable story.


thank you for spending some time with me and connecting with my inner 18!! good luck to you! i know you are making a lot of people proud; i hope you feel proud of this accomplishment as well!! may you remember, you radiate. congrats, kj