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i talk a lot. i ask a lot of questions and they come like rapid fire; i am so interested in people and their stories, and the only way to get to those stories is to talk; so i do. i am just chatty, but i also find i really enjoy the quiet. no noise. zero sound. just the run of a dishwasher or the hum of my computer. just the tick of a clock or the spin of a dryer. sometimes i really enjoy listening to the quiet instead of all the noise i make with my mouth or my itunes playlists. i have come to appreciate the quiet more, now that i have children. it is good to just sit sometimes and listen to the sound of nothing; i like it.  i am not always comfortable, however, with silence that comes in lulls with conversation, and will always find something to talk about to fill it’s uncomfortable resonations. when i get to a place with people and friends where i am comfortable not saying a word it’s an interesting feeling, even now i am not sure how to explain it, but i know i like it. it’s just safe. i think i talk a lot because i like people, and all our variations. i am obviously magnetized to the loquacious type: the talkers, but find myself calmed significantly by those that speak and share, but don’t find it necessary to flap their yappers, like me, all the time. i love meeting people who just come with a calming presence. tricia and rudy are two of those people. they engaged in conversation with me, but also were completely comfortable enjoying the quiet moments that accompanied our shoot, which was a reflection to me of how they live their life: sharing what needs to be shared both vocally and through a silence that also, speaks.




their relationship was interesting to observe. it was easy to tell they care for each other, but the love they felt was seen in their moments of quiet, and in the way he touched her hand or the way she looked genuinely in his eyes. there wasn’t much spoken, but the sentiment was clearly present and felt.






it’s cool to consider the different sides of ourselves that we personify to different people. in some situations, believe it or not, i feel quite shy, like i have nothing to say and if i did it would come out all wrong, like really disgusting word vomit. in other situations, around different people, i am a stand-up comedian, and everything that spills from my lips is genuinely funny and witty- like really great knock knock jokes. when i found jaren it was refreshing to know i had found the person who would get me on every level and would laugh sometimes, and would shake his head in disbelief sometimes, but all times would always be the safest person for me to be with. tricia and rudy have that with each other too. i am sure they are silly together, have deep talks about life and its existence together, and i am certain they have moments when no words are transmitted but great feeling is felt.






rudy and tricia have two “babies”. they “talked” a lot. especially when we tied them to the nearby tree…



alone, they hold their own, and are completely comfortable in their own skins:






but together they have something really special that is felt through their quiet.


rudy and tricia, may your hearts always speak true to one another. thank you for the time you shared with me and for making the drive, and enjoyed our time together and appreciated the calming presence you brought to my day; thank you!! xo kj