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i have seen brides cry, and event coordinators get all antsy because of it. i have seen how it can have devastating powers to towns and lives. i have seen how it’s rhythm can be calming to a inconsolable child. i have seen it’s ability to alter and completely cancel plans. the rain is powerful on so many levels; it’s true, but no matter how strong a force we were not going to allow it to ruin our second day of shooting in new york city. isn’t that right, kellie? am i right, katrina? come rain, hell, or high water (we saw all of it, but hell ;)) we were going to have an incredible shoot. no. matter. what.

our original plan was to shoot a bride and groom on the brooklyn bridge. can you see it now? the quientessential shot on the bridge? her in his warm arms? she smiling sultry-ly. him kissing her summery-ly. all the while a balmy breeze is giving motion to the scene!!! there was nothing warm, balmy, or summery about our day!! (kellie is laughing right now; i know it!!)

but alas, the show will go on. and we refused to allow the elements to ruin our shoot!! we had come to accomplish and accomplish we did. even if we did have to be a bit flexible with our choice of location! we took our shoot indoors and underground, because it had started pouring buckets by the time we were ready (thank you olivia for sharing your living room with us; we were so grateful, and it couldn’t have been more inspiring or perfect! thank you!!), but nevertheless we made it happen!!

from where i was standing, it was a very warm rain! 😉 more from our rain storm and where we took these two in the next post!!

thank you to olivia for sharing her home with us; i am truly grateful!!

thank you to katrina for all of the hair, make up and styling!

to kellie for being so understanding and for sharing such a warm spirit and talent with the world!

and to anne and her man for being so willing to brave it all for us and our experience!!

the second installment will be next!!