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several of you already know that my husband is getting his mba; i’m proud of him. he’s doing so much and working so hard and getting by on very. little. sleep. and very little time with his family. we understand, and soak him up when he is around, but our time with him is limited. my time with him is limited. we were talking about the week’s events on sunday night; like usually he is gone one night, i’m gone the next; i’m home, he’s gone; he’s home, i’m gone. it’s just the way we are right now, just the way we manage. anyway, we were discussing the plans and what needed to happen to make things happen. i said, “so i guess i’ll see you on friday.” sometimes i’ll be in bed before he gets home; it makes me oddly happy to wake up in the middle of the night and see his frame breathing next to me, sometimes that’s all i see him during the day.

this will pass. our lives will regulate. until then i’ll live for each friday when my man comes home and we get at least 6 straight hours together.

i think that’s one of the reasons i love spending time with other couples and seeing how much they love one another. it reminds me of the man who loves me the most in this world, the one who works the hardest at everything he does to make me and our children happy. when i see how others love it reminds me of how much i love and how much i am loved.

natalie and nic were gracious enough to be models for us during my trip to nyc; they perfect, perfectly in love!! and,they just got engaged!!!! i am thrilled for them and so happy that their love has taken them to that step!! much love and congratulations to them both.

they made me feel so grateful for the nearness of the one person who makes everything feel better, who makes everything happy in your heart, who, no matter where he is or how much time he spends away pursuing dreams, loves you the most.

i am so happy for these happy they have each other to share a life with. their relationship really is so special. i wanted to spend all afternoon basking in it, because it reminded me so much of my own!! 😉

i’ll be back with a second post with a couple who reminds me how special it is to be loved!! congratulations again nat and nic!!! much love to you both!!

nat and nic’s styling (hair, make up, and wardrobe) is brought to you by the uber talented and incredibly fab katrina.

thanks kat, yvonne, kellie, nat and nic, and the city of new york for showing so much love!!! part 2 soon!!!