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it’s one of the best feelings to work really hard for something, earn the objective, and know, wholeheartedly, that you deserved what you were working for. i do love how hard work reaps major benefits, especially intrinsic ones. i have graduated from college twice now, both times i felt so proud of myself for doing something so significant. when i am on college campuses it makes me want to either go back to the classroom or seek another degree. it’s crazy, but there is something in me that is constantly reaching for the feeling i get when i achieve. chelsea is very much the same. i have known her several years now and never has she once taken the shortcut to get to the goal. she is graduating from chapman university in a few weeks with a degree in business. her talents run deep, her character stays loyal and consistent, her motivation and drive unparalleled. she believes in herself and in the power of hard work! i am so proud of her! i always have been! although her undergrad is ending she is pushing her education to higher levels with plans to attend law school. it has been so neat to see where her journey has led her. chelsea, you are an inherently good and nice person! 😉 your energy and persona are contagious and your drive to accomplish inspiring! i am so happy for you! congratulations on this incredible achievement. i knew great things awaited in your future. greater things still await, walk forward to find them!! much love to you talented one! xoxox nuz









chelsea, you are so loved!! 😉 go where success awaits you, but may you remember all the support behind you! you are a treasure and a gift to this world! i always knew my future and my children’s future would be in good hands with you!!