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for the longest time klimt’s the kiss has been one of my favorite paintings. it hung above our bed for years. i just think it’s so symbolic, so true, and so beautiful!

this is a poorly represented image, but it will give you and idea if you have never seen it.

a week ago a got an email from christie, someone i knew i was going to really like. she shared, “I did want to let you know that my
husband has been trying for years to get a great picture of us in some sort of kiss fashion.  He’s obsessed with it.  Either him kissing my cheek, us
kissing, something…”

christie and jason, klimt would be so proud!! 😉 i hope you hang a kissing picture above your bed! 😉 ha! i’m kidding. the wall will be just fine. 😉 can’t wait for you to see the rest! loved spending a day with you two and your so kissable family!!