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there are so many analogies about light. “walk to it…” “christ is the light…” “i’ll be your candle on the water…” what else? i mean, really, we could go on and on about how things are compared, incessantly, to light. there’s nothing wrong with that! in fact the more i shoot the more i am inspired by it’s qualities and powers. sometimes, this won’t shock many of you, it moves me…to tears. (soft ones. like, “oh, wow that is so beautiful and i am so glad i get to appreciate it now”, tears. not big dripping drops from my eyes like “i just lost a child, or my phone” tears.) i know. cheesy. but true.

another light analogy: good friends are like good light. they are there just when you need them. they make you see things differently. they move you. and when you are with them you stand still appreciating everything they offer you that is good, nice, and gloriously resplendent.

i love good light. it moves me. makes me stop in my tracks, pleading to photograph it.


julie, you are some of my favorite back light; you are rad sun flare light in my life! you too, like the literal light, inspire me. only when i am with you make cry because you make me laugh so hard!!! excited for this year and all we have planned!!!! here’s to you and your incredible talents and abilities! thanks for sharing your rays with me and the rest of this world!!!

more from julie’s family soon!!!