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dear joy,

your virtual cmas card…

if you don’t mind everyone seeing it before you address it, lick it closed, stamp it and mail it. 😉

start with this:

then add this:

then choose either this:

or this:

or even this:

finish it with this:

and top it all off with some festive greeting about making merry, and then sign the card, with love, 3 princesses and one frog. 🙂 you let me know where you want it printed and i will have it drop shipped and on your doorstep in two days. 🙂

or you could just call this your card, direct everyone here and save yourself a whole ‘lotta time and money. just sayin’. ;)and these are because i just couldn’t help myself. pass me a spoon, i want to eat her spunky yummy ice creamy deliciousness!!

ps i love you!! 😉