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today, jaren and i are celebrating ten years of marriage. we have been commenting all week on how crazy it feels to have ten whole years together, and all the experiences and moments that have painted that time. i love my man more than i have words to express; i am grateful for his strong presence in my life, his welcoming arms and reliable shoulder i have leaned on so often, his deep belly laugh when he thinks something is really funny (i love it when i make him laugh that way), and his undying love and support of all my dreams. i love how hard he tries to understand even when he really doesn’t get it but wants to because he can see how important it is for me to to be understood, especially by him. i love how good he is to me and our children and the sacrifices he makes daily to provide a comfortable world for us. i love how we found each other in this big, big world and how we have built a life of love and respect, laughter and joy. i am grateful i married my best friend, and i am grateful for the past ten years. i look forward, to the next. happy anniversary, jaren; i bean, i mean, love you. 😉

us, circa 1999


it seems only appropriate to post another anniversary as we celebrate ours; this one is only a two week anniversary, but an anniversary non-the-less and that is still something to be celebrated. when i get interest emails from potential brides i get super emotional, in a really happy and thrilled way. it just excites me to think that i might have the opportunity to be a part of one of the most monumental days of their lives. when the emails turn to phone calls and the phone calls to meeting appointments and the appointments to actual bookings i get so enthused; i feel my spirit could jump from my skin. i love weddings!!! i love attending them, being in them, and especially shooting them. i feel honored to be part of something so special, blessed to have been invited to celebrate a day that will never be forgotten, and humbled that it’s my photographs that will help spark the memories of said day.


i knew amanda and bj’s wedding was going to be classic and timeless before i even laid eyes on them. i also knew i was going to have an affinity for both of them from my first conversation with amanda. she and i chatted over the phone a couple of times discussing their plans, how things were coming, the details, and my part in the whole scheme of things. i was looking forward to meeting her and was happy we were able to get together over thanksgiving. i walked away from our little date counting the hours for december 5th to arrive; i knew it was going to be a day filled with beauty, happiness, celebration, laughter, support, joy, and much, much love.

i was so happy, honored, and humbled to be there to capture their day and witness their spark and connection. 



the day started early for amanda. it does for any bride, but especially early for her. the amazingly gifted and talented and ever so delightful hair and make up artist nicole deann and i arrived at amanda’s bungalow at 600am. she was awake and as bright as the sun, even though it was still sleeping. 😉 her best gals woke early too to watch the preparation and be a part of the early morning celebrations. the energy was contagious; giddy laughter filled the air as we chatted about the pending day’s moments. 



a love note:




amanda was such an easy bride to work with on so many levels; she cared and was involved, but was also flexible and open to allowing the day to happen as it would.


her dress was phenominal! i loved the jacket that she added too; it was so audrey hepburn…




amanda and bj chose to be married in the newport beach lds temple. the day was overcast and threatened rain, but i loved the contrast it gave to the clouds and the skies. i think it was a perfect day for a wedding.


after their ceremony we walked along the grounds for a bit, just the three of us. it was quiet and romantic. we chatted and laughed and enjoyed the moment. their love and devotion was undeniably present. i kept thinking how happy i was for them, how happy they had found each other and how happy they were starting this great adventure together.

i also kept thinking about how beautiful their future babies are going to be… 😉






the perfect illustration of amanda. i love her joyful spirit:


the handsome groom with his new bling:


and the gorgeous bride with her main accessory:


a few candid moments that i loved:



a million dollar smile from our bride (loved the naked tree behind her):


and some sass from our bride and groom (love this image):


cool angle. one of my favorites:


i really liked the leading line of this shot and the reflection:






amanda and bj were married early in the day and their reception was scheduled for several hours after the ceremony which allowed us time to shoot at a second location. we headed to the beach for some more portraits of the newlyweds and their fantastic friends and family:

this is perhaps my favorite shot; it was so hard to choose, but i am committing to liking this one the best; yes, this is my favorite:


and this is my second favorite, for sure. i loved all the movement and motion and for sure the moment:


bj and his best guys:


amanda and her best gals:


the ensemble:


and the breathtakingly stunning couple by the heartbeat of the earth:




the reception was held in an enchanting three- tier backyard that was perfectly landscaped with a classic secret garden feel to it. when dara, the bride’s mom, showed me around the site i felt like a kid in a candy shop; i couldn’t get my lens on the bride and groom fast enough. we had time and light so we shot some more. i actually really loved how much time they alloted for pictures and how willing they were to “take another one.” it gives their wedding story that much more photographic texture:



a swing. could that be more perfect?


a swing made for two:


the expressions in this next image had nothing to do with me or anything i said. amanda’s girlfriend from her childhood arrived and surprised her. that’s what i call good timing:


one major detail from the reception:


their first dance. i made my iso super high for this because i wanted it to have that grainy, vintage-esque look to it. i was pleased with the result and feel it added texture to an already emotional image:


adjusted my iso for this one and played off of the slave flash; got some really cool flare:



amanda and bj, may you always be the light in each others life. may you, ten,twenty, thirty years from now reflect on the beauty, the faces, the peace, the support, and the tremendous love you felt on your wedding day. may your love grow beyond limits you never knew existed, and may you find joy in all the years and the adventures that are before you. AND may your gorgeous children, years from now, see these photographs and feel the love their parents have always had for one another.

thank you so much for allowing me to be there to be a part of your love story. may your life together always sparkle:


a big thank you shout out to my ultra talented and creative second shooter, whitney.


who was helping me test light. i promise. she is AMAZING, in every sense of the word. a fun winter shoot with her and her man in the works. wait for it…it’s coming soon…

whit, i would shoot weddings with you for the next ten years. 😉 thanks for being my wingman and for all the support and encouragement you also offer me. check out whitney’s blog in the next few days for more coverage from amanda and bj’s wedding.