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i will never get a tattoo. i would need to be numbed from the neck down to do it. i am so afraid of pain, that it kind of wigs me out thinking about paying for pain. BUT if i did get one, i know this sounds narcissistic, but i would get lowercase letters kj, in some really cool font and i would put it in a place that no one would ever see.  🙂 when i am working hard and super proud of myself the letters would stand for kamee june, when i am just being normal mom the letters would remind me of a team of people who somehow make things happen for each other and their little family: kamee and jaren. not so narcissistic, right? 😉 kind of cool? it will never happen because i am a big chicken and because it doesn’t wash off. and what if i change my middle name or something! 😉 just kidding!!

625px-Tattoo_needleblog(image courtesy of wikimedia)

seriously now, every business needs to tattoo itself with symbols, colors, and designs that set it apart from the rest. every business, including your own, no matter how small or big, needs to have a strong and significant brand that figuratively tattoos itself to your market and clients. a photographer’s brand, any small business’s brand, is so incredibly important! so is that small businesses ability to market that brand and herself as an artist. branding isn’t the only important element to being business saavy, however. there is so much that goes in behind the scenes to make a business thrive. this month’s sidekick will share tips and tricks on making yours tick! 😉


this sidekick is going to be all about the business end of a small business: how to make it run, how to follow through with your business practices from top to bottom, how to brand yourself appropriately, and how to market yourself effectively.

it is going to be great, super valuable, and will send you off in the right direction with some new ideas on how to brand, market, run a successful small business front end and back, how to find clients and keep your current ones for years to come, and how to grow as an artist and professional! this workshop isn’t only for the photographer. it’s going to be valuable for all small businesses and will give anyone some great tips on running a successful business of their own!

this sidekick is, however, geared to those who have already started their business practices and are ready for new directions and encouragements!

when: saturday, SEPTEMBER 3rd 10am-1pm DATE CHANGE DUE TO UNFORESEEN!! (the original date was july 16th; it has now been moved to the 3rd of september!!)

*if you choose to shoot with us we will be shooting around 300pm (we’ll break for lunch at 1 and then pick up again for our shoot at 3)

where: we’ll be meeting at a local tattoo shop for this sidekick. JUST KIDDING!! 😉

it’ll be at my place, corona ca

how much: there are three options; come for the side kick, come for the side kick AND a rad shoot (if you want to practice shooting together or get some tips for your business in terms of your shooting, OR just come for the awesome shoot.)

$295.00 (your tuition will include all the small business information, tips to help you get moving with your own, a light brunch, and a few other goodies to take with you.)

$375.00 (your tuition will include all the small business information, tips to get you moving with your own, a light brunch, goodies to take with you, and one rockin’ fully stylized shoot!! it’s going to be so good and so fun! i can’t wait for this summer themed shoot! if you choose this option we will break for lunch (lunch isn’t included in the workshop tuition) and then start shooting as soon as our models are prepped and ready!)

$175.00 (feeling good about your business then join us just for the shoot! this tuition will include one fully stylized shoot!)

it’s going to be great and filled with so much valuable information!! would love to have you!!

email me with any questions you might have.

until then, kamee



kickin’ it with kj: running a small business workshop