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just something sweet from the homefront. i hate to wake a sleeping baby, but we had to leave the other day for some errands. this is how i found her when i came to wake her up. she was in such a deep sleep the camera clicking didn’t even rouse her.


sweet baby. i wanted to jump in her crib and snuggle up to her, she looked so peaceful and, well, comfy.


i love you larkee. you make every day better.

and i am about to make one very special person’s day/evening GREAT!

it’s time to announce the winner of my first ever giveaway!!

first, thank you to everyone who participated by leaving comments on all the stroller striders mini-posts. everything you said was so thoughtful. i appreciated it and i know they did too.

second, i want to thank my girlfriend shannon of stampin’ sentiments for making such a gracious donation. i contacted her when i told her i wanted to do a giveaway. i told her the basics: i wanted the colors to connect with my branding, i wanted it to be festive, and i wanted to be make the receiver feel happy. i saw the wheels in her head start working; she took my thoughts and totally ran with them, and i was so impressed with the outcome. i also loved her energy and enthusiasm for the project. it was cool to work with her because she was as excited about it as i was. she is amazingly talented, ultra creative, and will take even the simplest of ideas and turn them into something truly noteworthy.  if you are looking for some fun holiday ideas, or gift ideas (not necessarily holiday related) in general, she’s your girl; contact her through her website immediately to get going on some really distinctive and original gifts. she can customize any thought you might have and will be great to work with! 

shannon, thank you so much for working with me on this endeavor; i am so happy with how everything turned out! you did such an excellent job and i can’t wait for our next project…what will it be? 😉 thank you again for all your hard work, support, and interest in me; i am grateful for you!

she made all of this, and this is all the winner is getting. (plus a little extra something; keep reading…)

first a little snowman soup for those up-and coming chilly winter nights:


some holiday treats in this cute little candy dish. (i loved this; i want one of my own!!)


some peppermint bark in a festive mug:


a plate for christmas cookies:


not too shabby:


i loved how everything was kamee june pink and green, and how it was still festive and holiday-ish. i was so thrilled with how everything turned out; i had no doubt it would be fantastic!

and our winner also is receiving a complimentary portrait session with me. all of this and some camera time too. now that’s a giveaway. 😉

with out further ado…

diana radoi

come on down! your the first contestant to win a kamee june giveaway!!!


congratulations, diana!!!  

send me an email at (or scroll to the top, click on contact, and fire me off a shout out!) so i can get your address to send you your winnings and also so we can set up a shoot. 😉

so excited to kick the holidays off this week and with this giveaway. thanks again to everyone; i look forward to hearing from you diana!!