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there is something about this family that makes me want to grab them all in my arms and squeeze them until they beg me to stop.

that sounds ambiguous, like, i want to squeeze them because they drove me crazy or  i want to squeeze them because i fell head over heals crazy in love with them.

roll through these. you will be squeezing your monitors out of a genuine interest in who they are as good and nice, honest and kind people.

i wanted to squeeze the toots out this baby!! 🙂 seriously, i saw him get out of the car and all i could think about was gnashing on those cheeks!!


i want to squeeze this image. one of my favorites for sure. the story it tells…the wind that picked up her dress…the guest appearance of their dog, orville dean, all of it…i love. get this one up on canvas!!

clearly i wanted to squeeze them out of a connection i felt for them and the love they have for each other and their life together!

i have a certain affinity right now for planes. yellow ones in-particular. they, the planes and the people, were perfect!

i love the little appearances of finn and “fluffy wuffy”. the story here is solid. and the leg pop? so good!!


squeeze him everyone. put your hands on the screen and grab those cheeks!! his parents call him “luscious” or “lusc”. it’s the most appropriate nickname. ever.

everything about these next two images makes me smile and feel happy! it makes me want to see my new friends soon and squeeze them!

becky, steve, finn, and orville, i adore you all; thank you for the opportunity to spend time with your family!!

sending you big squeezes, kj