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There is something about these two that is just so right. They are that feeling that everything is going to be ok. They are your heart that skips a beat when you get really excited about something. They are the moment of clarity we all seek. They are the goodness we all hope to be. They are the calm we wish for when everything feels like it’s spinning. They are the laughter that makes all gloom disappear. They are the love we feel deeply and truly.

I felt all that from hanging out with them for two hours. They make you feel so loved, and so happy, and so good about being yourself and alive!!! Imagine what they get to feel from each other, each day! I adore these two. Am so happy to be a part of their celebration this year!! Here’s to Tawney and Sean and a love that makes me smile, just thinking about it!!

Enjoy the slideshow with a few more from their session!! Much love to you both Tawney and Sean!! So excited for September!!