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my friend, who i admire more than she will ever know, kellie, just sent me an email. this was the body:

“It’s a new year, and I have been thinking a lot about this. There was even a long, rambling rant all written up, but I just spiked it. I’ll save you the reading time by condensing it down to this:

Don’t try to please everyone. The more worried you are about pleasing everyone else, the less likely you are to ever please yourself. Nor are you likely produce anything truly interesting or develop any kind of a personal style worth having.

That applies to your lighting. But it is also true for your composition, your choice of subject matter, your cooking, your performance review, your haircut — whatever.

If you are not getting the occasional blowback, you are almost certainly playing it too safe and worrying too much about what others might think of your work.

The important thing is, what do you think of it?”

i loved it. rang true. and i want to pass it on to all of you. what matters is what you think. you. do what you feel is right, not what is expected of you. may this apply to whatever you are thinking about today. and may it take you to higher ground!!

kellie found this little rant here. thanks kell, for everything you offer my life. i am so grateful for friends like you!!