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i am not sure why but mondays are just hard to swallow for me. maybe for all the cliche reasons: i have to get back into the swing of things, monday’s are my busiest day of the week, it’s the end of family time, etc. but also because i always go through that end-of-the-weekend-have-to-go-back-to-life let down on sunday night. know what i mean? i am always glad when tuesday comes and replaces monday, and by wednesday i am in my week’s groove, and before i know it it’s friday, and my man is home and we are back to the weekend. don’t get me wrong. i am grateful for time, even on a monday, but they are just monday. non-descript. i used to feel sorry for monday because everyone hated it, but now i just feel kind of, well, blah,towards it!! 🙂

i am feeling a bit blue, because like the end of the weekend and shift to monday, this is the end of my march arizona shoots! i loved all of them so much and have really enjoyed sharing them and all of our moments together. i know there will be more shooting in arizona, but i enjoyed these so much and felt so inspired to be in a new place, seeing new things, meeting new faces, and immortalizing time for my new arizona friends.

this family and their images will make your monday sunny; i have no doubt about it. i will always associate them with the arizona warmth, and her sun’s inviting rays!


such a sweet and genuinely kind family. i have said this before but i love smiley people; they are just so magnetizing. it is so easy to be with someone who smiles and is cheerful.

michelle, dale, and alex are cheerful. they are what we need each monday morning!

a cup full of cheer:




i love to witness families that are so in love with each other. that have invested so much time in knowing each other and caring deeply about the family members’ needs, wants, feelings, and emotions. these families have such a deep and profound respect for one another that it is almost tangible. it is something that definitely inspires. i left this shoot feeling that i wanted to weave more of this understanding of person into my family dynamic.

michelle and dale understand each other better than any other person in the world. there love is soft and kind. it’s very sweet and gentle. their love is the kind that still gives the other butterflies when the other walks in the door. the kind of love where their only wish is to make the other happy. the kind of love that resonates into the confines of the human heart.





theirs is the kind of love that lasts…into the next life…and the life after that…


and then it translates itself into a little piece of each of their hearts:


michelle, someday she will be too big to hold her this way, but i think as mothers we metaphorically hold our babies like this for their entire lives.

i loved this image:


and all of these too. because they made me happy and made me feel warmth. and that’s what this family is: warm towels fresh from the dryer, hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, the sun’s rays kissing your face… softly, reassuringly, and a bubble bath in a jetted tub!! 😉 they are the happiness and warmth we need to make it through this monday! good thing they have so much to offer!!

if we even had just a fraction of alex’s soul in our hearts on mondays the whole world would be a better place! she resides in the sun too. she is a gift to her parents, a tribute to their family name, and a tremendous contribution to life and our future! she is going to do something great someday! i know it. with a spirit like hers? how could she not??







michelle, dale, and alex, i am smiling right now thinking of you all. thank you, from my heart, for spending some time with me. i love mill even more now!! whenever i visit it again i will think of you and our walk there. may you always share your sun and its warmth, just like you did with me! here’s to an incredible family sharing so much with everyone they meet.

here’s to a monday of sunshine!! may you all feel it!!

i love this last image. for sure one of my favorites from arizona.

it speaks for itself: