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there are so many great parts to my job, but my favorite is for sure, hands down, without a doubt, the people i get to meet. it sounds a little crazy, and maybe even a bit cheesy but i leave my shoots feeling like i have made new and really incredible friends.

i feel that way 99% of the time…

i got absolutely zero emotion out of these people. wasn’t sure i wanted to add them into speed dial any time soon after the shoot…


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA! these people bleed personality! it seeps out of their eyeballs, they are so full of charisma and character. i fell in love with them two seconds after we met, and have been texting becky back and forth since. 😉

if i lived in arizona i would be friends with this family (i know i can still be friends with them even though i don’t live there, but i mean bbq friends, swap kids friends, meet at the park friends, have pedicures friends… those kinds of friends) and i would make them be friends with me and mine, even if they didn’t want to be. i would stalk them until they broke down and accepted us into their totally awesome, completely welcoming, amazingly happy, and incredibly smiley lives. (becky, you know i had to throw it in there somewhere!! ;))


and i would love seeing them. and every time i did it would make me feel special and loved because they would always be so interested in me, my children, and our lives. they are genuine. just good and nice people. when i see this energy it reminds me of the good that exists, of the people who really are trying to raise a good future and make a difference in the lives of others and the community they live in.


their children, jaidyn and tanner: slightly on the non-distinctive, relatively boring, and lacking personality side…




i was totally being sarcastic! these kids oooze personality! they were so much fun and had me doing that loud cackle laugh i do when something is really funny to me.(embarrassing, i know, but you will know when you have said something i really like if i give it a cackle ;)) my kids would be begging me to be adopted by becky and jerry after spending a day with them and their children.



they were so well-behaved and such a pleasure to be with. i wanted to just squeeze them.just. so. adorable. such a credit to their parents and family name.

and so close, which is so neat to see:



and the originals that created such enchanting and charismatic children?

hello, beautifuls!

ok, jerry, becky is way more beautiful than you, but i thought i would throw out some love your way too! 😉


if becky and i were friends she would be the friend i told all my secrets too, because i know she would keep them in her heart. she would be the friend who brought me meals when i birthed babies, and took my children for a while when i needed some solace. she would be the friend i met for lunch and for pedicures. she would laugh with me and cry with me, and would be so supportive of all my dreams. she would the friend i sat chatting with on the sidewalk until the street lights came on and we realized we had been out there for hours. she would be true and loyal, and that to me is a good friend.

unfortunately,they too, much like their children, were a total bore to photograph and be with:


i am kidding. big time. there is nothing boring about this team. they are full of love, respect and mutual understanding. they laughed a lot too, and smiled a lot as well. and they loved being together and with their littles. their priority of family was so evident and clear!! i loved it.

i am ultra magnetized to smiley and happy. another reason i would be good friends with these people. they are happy and smiley and i just like that so much.



i would be close friends with these people. for sure, because they have pure hearts, kind souls, true laughter, genuine spirits, and hearts filled with love for their family, live, and all the people they meet.


becky, jerry, jaidyn, and tanner, please be my friends. please come over and play with my children. please hang out at my house and make me laugh and smile like all of you!! i like you all so much! 😉 thank you for spending a bit of time with me and for sharing your belly laughs with me. i am smiling thinking about. if i could create the perfect street to live on, we would be next door neighbors. so grateful to have met you! may you continue to find joy in your life together. may you continue to share that joy with everyone you meet. may these smiles remind you of the present beauty that surrounds you everyday. so happy we met, kj


if she comes up missing…she is at my house! 😉 great shot tanner!! 😉