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some  experiences and people just are.

kristin and justin are the kind of people you want as neighbors. the kind of people you want to god-parent your children. the kind of people who are, well, just so kind. they are both really soft spoken, yet so grateful for the people and gifts in their lives. they are both humble and sincere, thoughtful and warm. i know they appreciate all of the beauty this life offers them!

i just felt good being with them, and good exudes good!

it was so awesome people in a so awesome place.

the outcome was nothing short of awesome.

and there is something so awesome about being loved so much by one other person!

love this next image as much as i love them:

the architecture and style of a location can be as inspiring as the subject present. much like in relationship it’s the little things, the little details that make it so awesome!! like the viceroy in santa monica, kristin and justin’s love is filled with little pieces of wow-factor! everything about them is cool green frames and plates on the wall!! ūüėČ

these next images were shot right after my big camera bag or big shoulder knocked a glass off the bar counter. the bartender gave me the stink eye, but kristin and justin laughed it off with a “put it on the room!” and that was so awesome!!

kristin told me in an email previous to the shoot that she didn’t think we would need much time. there could never be too much time with these two. never. so happy i get to see them again and again until their wedding early next year!

they are just both. so. awesome.

and a few relaxed portraits to top of their “awesome”!

seriously. so awesome!

kristin and justin,

thank you for the great afternoon in la! thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this time in your life and thank you so much for sharing a bit of your hearts with me!! you both are just, so awesome!!! thank you again!!

and to the¬†parasol of design team that was at the shoot, anna and belinda, nothing but love for you!! was so fun being together! you two are also, so awesome!!!¬†anna coordinated all of the details with the hotel for the shoot and¬†belinda did kristin’s hair and make-up. they are a coordinating team that can’t be beat; so excited to be a part of kristin and justin’s wedding together!! much love to you two, too!!!