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i am a worrier by nature. i just am. anxiety runs in the family and unfortunately i have my own distinctive case of it. sometimes, even when there is nothing to worry about, i will find something to worry over just because i am so used to being worried. it’s weird. and i think the anxiety has made my hair turn grey much earlier than it should have. thank goodness for a rad stylist who takes that worry away about every two-three months. 🙂 my worrying ebbs and flows; for the most part i am mellow, but if there is something that needs worrying over, believe me, i’ll find it. the day of my shoot with cassie and chad, i wasn’t worried, not at all. not. one. bit.

she was.

cassie was worried about the wind. i told her not to worry; it was going to give motion and movement to their images. i told her it was doing really sexy stuff with her hair. i was right:


i wasn’t worried about shooting in phoenix. in fact i was really excited about it, and after i was introduced to downtown phoenix (thanks, joy!) i decided to change two of my shoot locations because i fell in love with what i saw. the worry came after i started to roll through all the images: i just didn’t know how i was going to choose only a handful. 🙂

cassie and chad have an interesting story. i am always fascinated by how roads diverge and how lives fuse. they are a good match, total opposites, but they make it work, and are building an incredibly textured and cool life together.

i am not worried about them. not worried about them at all. their energy is electric, especially with each other. perhaps that’s why they are so connected, and attracted because they are such different personalities that they do in fact find balance.

not worried at all that what they have is good.



i am not worried about these two because they rely on each other. it was obvious how they cared. i wanted to jump into all of their moments to just grasp on to a portion of their understanding of one another.

i am not worried about these two, because they have the other:




i am not worried about them because they laugh (even if chad only has one funny moment each year :))



and joke:


and love one another so sincerely, that who could worry about them? no one. no need to worry about a love that so interestingly found itself in two people:





never worry about the wind (unless it comes in the form of a tornado or a tsunami; then i think worry is totally validated); it adds motion and movement, and movement is good.



cassie and chad, never worry about the motion and movement that comes with life; you have each other as a strong protection to help weather all the wind temperate or tumultuous, but remember that wind can still cause beauty!!! and if the wind really does start to bother, just put chad in front of it. he’s tall enough to block the storm. 😉


c and c, thank you for our time together. i loved it. i laughed so much, and enjoyed myself thoroughly!! i loved that you had pictures taken “just because”! i think that is so cool and so much a part of my philosophy with photography!!may you remember you have each other.may you enjoy the wind! may the wind carry you both to great heights and great places, together.

may you remember this:

“every person, all the events in your life are there because you have drawn them there…”–richard bach

you were drawn to each other for a purpose: because you needed each other for some reason that only you know, but it’s a good thing you are together because that’s one less thing i need to worry  about! 😉 so happy you have each other. so happy you are making things happen! so happy to have met you; thank you for sharing your hearts with me!!


i’m not worried about them. i am worried about what to wear tomorrow; if it’s going to rain at saturday’s wedding; when i will have time to return the shirts i bought yesterday that i decided i didn’t like today; what i’ll do if gunnar wants to take me to the prom, and when i will catch up on my tivo. you know, i worry about the important stuff…like getting my next hit of diet coke…i am worried about that…:)