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my mantra changes often: be present. just breathe. carpe diem. exercise is compulsory. get out of bed and make breakfast for your kids and read to them 15 minutes each a day remind them you love them the most (it’s longer than the rest, but also the most reoccuring. ;))

my most current maxim: seek inspiration.

i have been trying to find new mediums to help inspire my creative nexus. it gets bogged down sometimes and i don’t like feeling vacuous of inspiration. so i decided to try and find it in all of my activities: music, movies, books, my children, my relationships, in the things i see each day, and the people i encounter and work with.

a few weeks ago i got a huge shoot in the arm of inspiration. it came in the form of two people, two people who are madly, deeply, and truly in love.


amy and scott are getting married next month; i am happy to be attending as relative and photographer. outside of shooting their engagement pictures i was also able to spend a lot of time with them while i was in colorado.

there is something so special about the way they treat one another and respect each other. they are so good together: the perfect dichotomy. they took me back to the beginning of my relationship with jaren (scott is jaren’s little bro); they reminded me so much of us.

they are a refreshing breath of crisp mountain air. warm pumkin bread with melted chocolate chips fresh from a fall oven.  they are laughter that resonates long after the moment passed.








my brother, scott, has a good heart; that inspires me. he thinks more about the needs and feelings of others than himself. i love how thoughtful he is towards all people, but especially those he loves. when you hurt, he hurts. when you celebrate he does too. he quickly becomes a part of you, seconds after you meet; he is so warm and welcoming and immediately sees the good. i also LOVED to see how excited he got when amy merely walked into the room. it inspired me to show excitement anytime the people i love walk into the room, just so they know i am happy we are together, in the same place. he checked on me repeatedly throughout my stay, made sure my beverage was always fresh and refilled, and i really enjoyed our conversation on life and it’s progression and interesting twists and turns. i am so happy his switchbacks took him to amy, time and time again. 😉

scott, i am so grateful for you and your influence in my life. thank you for being such a great support of my little family and my dreams. i love you very much and am happy you found your someone.














i love amy because she texts me right back; she is prompt, and that inspires me! 😉 i also like her because she likes diary queen blizzards and all things made from pumpkin!! and i like her because she is my people: laugh-y and smile-y! she is so uplifting, i found  myself smiling too when she walked into the room! amy, much like scott, cares, profoundly for what matters to her: faith, family, friends, and her relationships, most importantly her relationship with scott.  i have no doubt she will always put him first in her life; that’s just who she is.

i am so excited to have her as a sister. i know we are going to get along just fine. two people who love shoes as shopping as much as we do are bound to create a nice tight bond when we break away from family reunions for just a few hours to hit nordstrom together. (kris, kim, stacy, and mom are all invited of course!! ;)) amy, i am so happy you are going to be a part of our family; we love you so much already!!




something about the next one, i liked it so much!


this one too. just a sweet moment, i thought. i love being a part of moments like this:





love. love. LOVE. this one.


scott and amy, may you always be inspired by each other and know that others now and for a long time to come will be inspired by you!

i love you both so much and i can’t wait for next month!!!

here’s to happy and smiley, both of you!! xoxo kam