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we partied like rock stars this week, celebrating gunnar and all the wonderful-ness he is!! he has had friends over, eaten at his favorite haunts, bought a fun new toy, had extra tv, computer, and books before bed. He ate the meals of his choice, we played the games he wanted, and we did all the activites he loves. gunnar even received emails and phone calls from his cousins and grandparents; it was so neat how everyone bought into the week and joined in on loving him a little extra.


he had a surprise visit from some good friends who recently moved away. they came to town for the weekend to wrap things up with their move; it was perfect that their visit happened during gunnar week. i didn’t tell him they were coming until they knocked on the door. this was the response i got followed by dust; he ran so fast to answer the door. i didn’t see him again for the rest of the night.


he partied so hard this week he fell fast asleep on the floor, the hardwood floor.


gunnar, it would take more than a week for dad and i to tell you how much we love, care, admire, enjoy, and appreciate you and all the color and life you add to our family. we love you so much little boy!!

guess who turns 1 tomorrow?


sand. slipping through my fingers.

stay little for just a touch longer, both of you. my heart is full as i consider the past year and as we anticipate lark’s birthday. she was such a rotten infant (she really was tough; had she come from nordstrom i would have returned her), but has turned out to be such a gift to our family. 

larkin and gunnar, you two are the best things your dad and i ever did.

we love you both so much, xoxo m and d