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agenda for the day. according to gunnar:


drink chocolate milk.

watch extra shows: spongebob and scooby doo

give larkee a make-over (totally his idea. he could be a make-up artist in the making. i have no problem with the mac discount he could get me.)


eat a doughnut brunch (i coaxed him into the ride in the trailer…i needed to get my exercise on for the day… especially with doughnuts involved…)


have a friend over to play (so happy garrett could join us; i love the play date. it’s a good thing.)

eat more doughnuts with said friend.


have chocolate covered raisins and chocolate milk for lunch.

play transformers.


eat chicken and rice for dinner.

done and done. we checked it all of his list. was a good second day to gunnar week. he is sleeping now. the power of the play date…i am telling you…

sleep tight gun; i love you son. i hope you feel it and know it!! here’s to tomorrow. what will we do?

here’s something just for fun: a sneak peek at a piece of wardrobe for our family pictures coming this weekend:


and just a little love to gun’s baby sis who follows him around like he is the next best thing to sliced bread: