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if you heard this guy talk about his son it would make cry.

if his hair poked you in the eye that would make you cry too. 😉

and if you talked to him long enough his jokes would get you belly laughing to the point of tears as well!

veronica and marcus’s story is one of losing yourself and then finding the best parts of yourself through the unexplainable powers of love. listening to their history made me smile, and consider the journey we all take to ultimately find ourselves and then lose ourselves again, selflessly, by wholeheartedly loving another person.

i wish i had audio of marcus, talking about their son lyric, talking about how much he loves his life with veronica, with the two of them. it would hold your heart, and make you emotional. this man, like so many, is in love with his family, and wants nothing more than for them to be happy.

and he’s doing everything he can to make that happen!

the two of them together have a perfect balance. marcus is boisterous and outgoing. veronica is witty, but in a charming quiet way.

there is such a quiet calm about her. she centers people for sure. it was evident that she was exactly what marcus needed at certain points in his life. he’s pretty addicted to her, especially the feeling she gives him of always being understood. she knows his heart, and that’s a good feeling.

they are a good feeling. it’s good to be with them, fun, relaxing, chill, totally casual to be with them. they really do have such a great vibe. it’s like salty and sweet, they both go so great together! 😉

a really great vibe:

veronica and marcus, may you always stay as perfectly balanced as you are now. may you share the mirror doing your hair in the morning! 😉 may you know that you are good people, who are doing right by each other and your son! i am looking forward to the incredible party that will be your wedding, next month! thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it! cheers, kj