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i used to scoff a bit when i heard my students say at their graduations, “i will never forget you; we will be in touch and will stay closer forever.” i know that some high school relationships do last; some marry their high school sweetheart, but for most those relationships dissipate just like the fashion trends you found yourself so caught up in during your high school career. i am only in touch with a few of my high school friends, and that communication now has reduced itself to a random facebook shout out or the obligatory christmas greeting. i suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that it is the college friendships that last, the college relationships that stand the test of time, and the college associations that have the most impact on you as a person. these bonds endure because the people who helped you understand yourself are so valuable to you that you couldn’t imagine losing their influence in your life. one of my former roommates is one of my greatest inspirations today. another, is so dear to me she stood beside me on my wedding day. i met my best friend in college and married him 4 years later. 

i could safely conclude, but am open to anyone who pleas differently, that college, is/was one of the greatest times in our life’s epic.

when i am home, i always try to catch up with an old roommate who has always been my good friend.


rachelle studied elementary education, went to costa rica, had a sweet tooth, had a lot of admirers, and she liked to ride bikes and hike in mountains. in fact her bike, which was hand-built by her brother who is a professional biker, was allowed to reside in our kitchen, while my beater 10 speed housed itself chained outside the apartment braving all the utah elements.

i have so many great memories of rachelle.

one about an alarm clock that she set herself, so she would be up on time, but when it went off and she couldn’t find it, she got all mad at me because it was going off… right shell? isn’t that how it goes? or like the time we threw her a surprise birthday party and had everyone who was there wear an article of her clothing. we knew she would love it, and hate it. love it because everyone who loved her was there; hate it because she had to put the clothes away when they left. 

i am laughing out loud thinking about all of this.

now she is married to entertainment personified, and has taken a break from the classroom where she was admired and revered as an outstanding teacher, to be home with her most important students. sometimes it is weird for me to think that we are old enough to have children. sometimes i think that we are still 20, living together, obsessing over the cute boy and when he will call. 

i am enjoying my friendship with her now as much as i did then. 

she is a stunning person, mother, and friend.


she always reminded me to think things through and keep a clear perspective. something i continually and trying to do.


her children are so lucky to have her.




and she is lucky to have them.


even though they keep her on her toes.


i remember being so happy when i heard she was pregnant with her first baby because i knew she was going to make such an incredible mother.

he’s a little bit shy, like rachelle.


a hip-hopper like her too.  rachelle and i went through a period of loving the spice girls…i’ll tell you what i want what i really really want…yep. we danced around in our room to that one. for hours.

“backstreet’s back alright!”


his lisp is my favorite part about him…which is another funny thing because rachelle and i used to talk to each other with a lot of funny voices and accents.


this is my most favorite picture of a little girl right now. i love everything about it.


 shell’s little girl is everything about rachelle that you don’t see right away, that she doesn’t show to you until she knows you a bit. 

hello spunky brewster!!


super inquisitive and intimidatingly creative.



and charismatic, very charismatic.


they are beautiful, inside and out, just like their mother:




rachelle, like me, needs her sleep. it is hard for both of us to have sleepless babies. it is just for a time shell; keep your perspective. he is so worth it.


they all are:


when our visits come to an end i always feeling a pang in my heart, wishing we could relive those days, and maybe, move back in together. 😉 rachelle, may you always know where you put your alarm clock. may you always ride that awesomely expensive bike. may you always know that i love you so much for the person you have helped me become. thank you for touching my life so deeply. until next time, kam