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i was raised on classics: literature, movies, music. i can sing and dance to any rogers and hammerstein musical you throw out; amc movies will always be my favs; and the books, oh the books, i can still smell the pages and see the stories of little women, the secret garden, and anne of green gables, just to name a few. i had a particular affinity for anne of green gables; i just felt connected to her for some reason. anne loves and hates with equal intensity. she creates lifelong alliances with people she considers “kindred spirits” and holds year-long grudges against people who cross her. anne’s temper, as fiery as her hair, flares at minimal provocations, and she screams and stamps her foot when anger gets the best of her. anne is drawn to riches and refinement. she despises her red hair and longs for porcelain skin and golden hair. she imagines that which displeases her as different than what it is, dreaming up a more perfect world. as she grows older, she mellows. her temper settles, she stops hating her appearance, she appreciates the simplicity of her life and prefers it to wealth, and although her imagination is still profound, she loves the world as it is. i loved her gilbert blythe romance that started with him teasing her by calling her “carrots” then developed into a deep and meaningful friendship and finally a true romance. i secretly dreamed of saying to the man i was going to marry, “i don’t want sunbursts or marble halls; all i want is you!”

my affinity for red heads started with my love for the anne novels. i have loved all red heads and have felt magnetized to them ever since. this little red was no different. i knew from my first sight of her that i was going to find a kindred spirit. (i feel the same for her family, all of them! ;))

what’s her story? how closely does her disposition follow that of anne’s?

callie-girl, you are so perfectly imaginative and spirited! so happy we met and i can add you to my list of favorite red heads!!!

more from your family vacation shoot, soon!! thanks for sharing some time jumping on the bed with me, kj