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this was the first email i got from katie:

“Hi Kamee,

My name is Katie and I would like to first tell you the interesting way of how I first stumbled upon your blog.  My husband is awesomely named Kam, so when I was searching to see if I can name “Kam and Fam” for our blog, and was quite peeved that it already has been taken by you!  So out of resentment and curiosity, I decided to read your blog to see if you’re worthy of taking our blog name, and couldn’t stop ever since.

I’ve followed your stories about your 2 little ones and your blossoming and successful career as a photographer.  Now the time has come that we need someone to capture pregnancy memories of our first child, and I thought how wildly appropriate it would be to inquire about your services…”

i couldn’t stop smiling; i clicked reply and told her so. i knew, instantaneously, that i was going to love this couple! i was so looking forward to meeting the other kam. katie and i even joked about us being each other’s doppelganger, which in itself, is so funny! the day of the shoot they were ever bit as sweet and fun as i thought they would be. katie is having a text book pregnancy and i am so happy for her. she is so elegant and graceful; a few times she looked like a pristine statue of a pending mother goddess. she would glide effortlessly as her breezy dress trailed behind. she’s the pregnant lady we all wish we could be. so beautiful, so regal, so filled with life, metaphorically and literally! her pregnancy thus far has been peaceful. she did say she has started having a bit of heart burn. oh, the agonizing days of pregnancy heartburn… i can empathize on every level. i was thinking of her, of course, while working on these images; while her heart was burning for psyiological reasons, mine was burning with excitment at the thought of these two, really sweet, good, and kind people becoming parents and raising a son as equally charming as they.

katie and kam, there is so much excitement and joy awaiting you! i know you will welcome it all with warmth, enthusiasm, cheer, and much laughter! to the other kam and fam, may you endure the heartburn! 😉 it really is just a moment in comparison to the love you will feel for your baby! i am so happy to have met and so happy for you both; riley is one lucky fella! much love to you all, kj