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gunnar has an affinity for harry potter. lately he has been preparing for another year at hogwarts by practicing his concoctions:


every waterbottle, sippy cup, regular cup, and bowl in the house has been recruited to contain a new potion. if you look closely you can see a blue ribbon in this one; this potion turns you into a azur snake:


can you see the marshmellow in the red and something undefinable on the bottom of the blue? gunnar told me, “this turns you into a marshmallow, a really big one, until you float away…” and the other “turns you into a monster without a head.” i think if i drank any of them they would turn me into a toilet hugging, green-faced, monster.


the imagination inside this boy fascinates me.


he starts school again in a week, not sure if all of his potions will be allowed.


i think he accidentially drank one of his own brews and it gave him a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder. he can’t stand it when his tongue turns a different color: blue raspberry otter pop blue, green apple jolly rancher green, red fruit punch red. he asks me all the time if his tongue is a color. it consumes him if it is a different color. he washes his mouth out, wants a drink, eats another food, even rubs bobby on it until it goes back to just “normal tongue pink.”


and he had a small anxiety attack the other day about his hair. it was sticking up because it needed to be cut. he kept stroking the trouble spot with a hand full of water. he was so upset when it wouldn’t lie down with water; we had to pull out some hair spray and gel just to make it go flat. he checked the mirror all day to make sure the products were working. it was bananas. then the next day we had plans to meet up with friends. he told me, “mom, do you think they will say anything about my hair?” WHAT?!? What four-year-old kid worries about that stuff?


gunnar, colored tongue, alfalfa hair, or monster face…


what ever your potions shape-shift you into, it doesn’t matter, i’ll love you forever. xxx mom


packing up today…headed out on an arizona adventure tomorrow…