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a month before jaren and i got married he made me a paper chain. it came with instructions. i was supposed to rip off one link of the chain each day until our big day. it was actually really sweet; each link had something written on it that he either loved about me or was excited for in terms of our relationship and marriage. (he was mostly “jeff norwood” excited…personal joke, sorry, had to throw it in there…) i thought jaren’s chain was romantic, and each day it solidified how in love i was with that man(i still am, even more deeply and profoundly), and reminded me that i had made the right choice to marry him.

laura and david are getting married in two days.


i think we should make them a paper chain. not like jaren’s, with all the things we love about them, but with our wishes for their day and their life together.


link one: may you only get one waffle maker as a gift. (we got 4, one of which was like 6 years old and non-returnable.)

link two: my your fridge always be full of ice cream.

link three: may your children all be on winning soccer teams with cool names like, the muck dogs.

link four: may you always kiss…like this…


link five: may you always enjoy the romantic simplicity of just holding hands.

link six: may you always have jobs with health benefits.

link seven: may your children be smart and beautiful. 

link eight: may your life sparkle like the summer stars.


link nine: may great, great grandpa remember to keep his teeth in and his pants on at the reception.

link ten: may your children get early acceptance letters to harvard.

link eleven: may you vacation every year, even if it is just in your backyard.

link twelve: may your laughter always be your favorite sound.


link thirteen: may your life together be filled with dreams that come true, indelible moments that define your spirits, and a love that grows deeper with respect, compassion, understanding, and of course, romance!

laura and david, may your wedding day be one of the best days of your life, together.

looking forward to it, kamee june

ok, everyone. leave laura and david a link in the comments section. this will be fun; let’s see how many we can give them before saturday at 1:00pm. it can be some advice, something funny, something sweet. whatever you think would contribute to the lovely couple’s “paper chain” and help them count down the hours to their day!!

from where i sit august 1st looks like it is going to be gorgeous!!