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larkin, like most children, puts everything in her mouth. we constantly spout, “not in your mouth, larkee; spit it out!!!” she’s not a choker at all. in fact at any given time she can have a few marbles, some legos, a matchbox car, maybe even an earring or two in her mouth and just keep them there while she toddles around. there’s just so much storage in those cheeks…

the other day we were telling her the opposite, “keep it in your mouth larkee! keep. it. in. your. mouth.” but instead it ended up in the hair…


it made her mad, naturally so.


no children or hairs were harmed in the removal of the lollipop.

we directed her to the bath where she immediatly put all the number sponges in her mouth.

i love you and your chipmunk cheeks lark!!

happy weekend everyone!!