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a long time ago, what feels like a dream now, i was a first year teacher. those of you who teach know how tough that first year can be. mine was no exception. everything made me anxious: i was just a day ahead of all of my classes; i wanted to do well and teach them well and be good at what i was professing to know; i wanted my students to get good grades, learn important life skills, and appreciate integrity and its value in life. i put a lot of expectations on myself and was, consequently, always stressed-out. on top of all the first year woes, jaren had taken a job in california and we had decided that i would finish out the school year in utah, alone, which meant we would be apart from each other for about 6 months. that was rough. AND my parents were away, far away, in taiwan serving a mission. my sister was close and i was always grateful for her and her  unfailing support and belief in me. one particular day after school i was feeling low. the day was wrong, my lessons were sub-par, i was missing jaren and for some reason i was incredibly homesick for my mom.

i meandered down the hall to the room of my master teacher, liz gessel. i went under the guise that i needed ideas on how to teach independent and dependent clauses, but what i really needed was to talk. i think she clued in immediatly. she helped with my lesson plan and then asked, “what’s wrong.” cue the water works.

“i just feel homesick.”

“you know why, right?”


“because no one loves you like your mother.”

she was right. i just needed a mom; glad she filled in in that moment!! i have considered her words often. when my children were born they resonated profoundly. when i observe other mothers with their babies they sing like a perfectly pitched harmonious choir.

i couldn’t stop thinking about them after my shoot with lynn and hannah.

there is such a special bond between this mother and her daughter.

no on loves hannah like lynn:












lynn, may these words forever echo in your ears: you are a good mom. your heart is filled with love for hannah. she knows it and will always feel it. i admire all you do as a parent and a person.

hannah, may you always be close to the person who knows and loves you best!!

to both of you, thank you, from my heart, for sharing some time with me! i loved it!! i walked away feeling a significant amount of peace and  a reminder of the love mothers have for their babies! thank you!!!