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everyone remembers from elementary school that matter is anything that takes up space.

these two, and all their stuff, are matter:


the other day we were driving somewhere. i had both littles with me. lark was singing passionately to herself, per usual, and gun and i were talking:

“mom, one day you will get old, right?”

“yep. i will.”

“will you die?”

“yes, i will, everyone does someday.”

“when you get old will you still be pretty?”

“oh, gun, as long as you love me i will always be pretty to you.”

“good, because if you are going to marry me i need you to be pretty.”

i think my son was proposing to me.

if anyone needs to use this in the formulation of a master’s thesis on the oedipus complex feel free to consider this as a genius anecdote to begin said thesis. 🙂

one day, he will NOT want to marry. but today he does, and that fills the matter in my heart.


in all their spaces and places, they fill me. i love you both so much; i am grateful for your current matter!! xoxo mom (or mammy as larkin is currently calling me…:)

IMG_2746kiddosblog you two and dad, are all that matter…