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when i was in college my roommates and i decided to have a thematic halloween one year. we decided to each be a character from gilligan’s island. i, luckily enough, got to be maryann. she was my favorite from the show anyway. i just thought she was the nicest, bubbly-iest, and sweetest one on the island next to gilligan of-course.

my resemblance to her is quite uncanny…if i do say so myself…


i know another maryann who is even more nice, more bubbly, and more sweet. she happened to get married today. now she is  headed to the st. lucian “islands”…wonder if the original maryann was stranded there?? 😉






excited to have been a part of it.

from a former “maryann” to a true original, i am so happy for you both!!! here’s to a beautiful day!!

the images above were shot at her bridal session. just wait until you see what i saw today… 😉