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Funny story…

There are so many Brides and Grooms in my life, and I LOVE it!! I have to super concentrate on wedding day so I get all their names right! 😉 While prepping for a wedding in early September I kept calling the groom, Brett. The Bride, ALL her friends on FB, everyone, kept telling me the Groom’s name was Matt. It became a huge joke and we still laugh about it today!!… “Thank goodness Brett didn’t show and that you married the right person…Phewww!!!” Was funny. Still it. I love Erin and Matt so much! Their full wedding will be on her…someday. All these weddings will!! 😉

Then jump forward…I got a payment from a Doug. I referenced another bride I met with previous to her wedding that her Doug had made their payment because I had seen it come through previous to our meeting. “Doug?? Doug, who?” “I’m marrying Brett!!!” Yep, and I keep getting them mixed up. So ladies, what you need to know is that YOU know your man’s name!! 😉

Let me introduce you to Matt, Brett, and Doug…and their ladies of course!!

Matt and Erin…Sighhhhh, her dress fit her like a dream. #sweetestgirlever!!! #neverbeenthankedsomuch #neverhadagroomkissmychecktosaythankyoueverytimehesawme #wassweet,notweirdatall!! 😉

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Brett and Darby #hersmilewillmakeyousmilefordays #genuine,bothofthem,totheirverycenter #hottypatatties #giverscarerssharers

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Megan and Doug #shinebrightlikediamonds #complete #theybleedhappyhealthyandlove #petiteandohsosweet #oneofthebestgroomreactionsatseeinghisbrideever

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