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i have been a mom now for almost six years. we added another when gun was three, and she is now two, so if you had up both of their ages i guess i have been a mom for almost eight years, kind of, in a manner of thinking. 😉 it’s going way to fast. sometimes i feel their little lives are like sand, sifting through my finger tips, or bubbles popping in the aftermath of bath time, and it’s all i can do to catch every moment of them.




sometimes i want time to stand still, just for a second longer, just so i can drink them in a bit more. i hope they know how much i love them; i hope they feel it, see it, and believe it, every single day. i hope they know they are my greatest accomplishments! i also hope i do justice to their youth by documenting it as often as i can.

i know as parents we all feel a certain weight of responsibility in terms of our children: love them, educate them, teach them, prepare them. i also think we feel a responsibility to document them; i know i do at least, and i know that could just be because i am in the business, but the more women i talk to the more i discover that they too, want to take really great images of their children to immortalize this time in their lives, all of our lives.

it’s time to start documenting all the little pieces of sand or the little bubbles, before they slip completely away into the sand castles and ginormous bubble baths of their lives!



mamarazzi: a photography workshop designed especially for moms is intended for mothers who want to better understand their cameras as a goal to better document their own kids.

the mamarazzi workshop will actually run over the course of 3 months (we will be meeting once a month for three months). at each meeting we will discuss a different aspect of photography namely how to work all the buttons on your camera and what they mean, how to understand light and it’s fundamental requirement to photography, and how to compose your shots to aid you with better story telling capabilities. each class will be about two hours and will be packed with information, a few goodies to take with you to inspire you to get to shooting, some great edibles, and a good time away from the little people to rejuvenate for a bit. 😉

who is this workshop for: moms (and dads) who want to take better pictures of their children

when will the workshop be held: (remember it is three evenings)

march 25th 7-9pm

april 22nd 7-9pm

and may 27th 7-9pm

why three evenings? i want to spread the information out a bit to give us all time to practice and create. we will be focusing on certain aspects each month, creating a discussion board and a place to post our images for safe feedback. (i also want us to have a ladies night, each month. that’s how i see it playing out in my head at least. we learn cool photography stuff and then hang out and relax a bit.)

where will the workshop be held: my place, in corona, ca

what to bring: your camera (doesn’t matter what you have, but it would be best if you had a dslr which basically means a camera where you can change out the lenses. if you don’t have one, it’s totally cool; this class is still geared for you!! if you are in the market for buying a new camera let me know and i will make some suggestions.)

what will all of this cost: $175.00 for the whole three evenings of workshopping! (your tuition includes a whole bunch of great knowledge on how to shoot better pictures of your own children, incredible after dinner edibles, and a few surprises to help inspire you to get to shooting.)

i want to keep the class smallish, so if you are interested jump on it. 😉 i would love to meet you and have you in my home to be able to discuss the most important role we have and how to document it more passionately.

join us! it’s going to be great!! come and take advantage of this great offer to better learn how to document your child’s life.

mamarazzi: photography workshop designed specifically for moms