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I have always been fascinated with time, how it heals, how quickly it goes, how it changes hearts, minds, and sometimes even people. I think time is interesting to consider in terms of the past, present, and future too. The past, easy to reflect on, as it is usually shared through oral tradition or documented history. The future, exciting to ponder as it holds mysteries and adventure. The present, just plain baffling. I really don’t believe there is a present. There is a present day, obviously, but there really isn’t a present in terms of past, present, and future. Life is just a rolling past. The present is here, now it is gone. Here. Gone. Here. Gone. The present is a moment, a second, a stitch in time. What are you doing with the present second to make it a noteworthy moment in your life? Sometimes I feel like we put off happiness and joy waiting for Future to deliver us something wonderful when Present is willing to give us the same happiness, if we just embrace it. It is time to stop waiting for our lives to suddenly have celebration, to anticipate that tomorrow will be better. It is time to make the present merry. In honor of the new blog (welcome to it by the way), and the last year of kamee june photography I am celebrating. In this moment of my life’s treadmill, I. Am. Celebrating. EVERYTHING.


Celebrate the look on his face when you tell him it’s a boy. Celebrate the fact that you are living what you always dreamt of. Celebrate the air rushing in and out of your lungs. Celebrate the bell signaling summer. Celebrate that he asked, “will you?”; celebrate that she said, “yes!”. Celebrate sticky hands, dirty feet, crayons on the wall, and laundry. Celebrate it because it exists and because it is a part of the tapestry of your life.


Celebrate a flu-less flu season. Celebrate that the test results came back benign. Celebrate silence. Celebrate raucous. Celebrate the foam on your nose, the frosting on your face, the crumb left on the side of your lips.


Celebrate being silly, quirky, original, distinctive, and care-free. And celebrate not caring what others think of you, because in this moment of your life, you are happy, and that is what matters.


Celebrate calories (it’s ok, even they need a bit of celebration). Celebrate how food brings your loved ones together. Celebrate sugar and all things sweet. Celebrate candy canes, snow cones, diet coke, and a good brain freeze.


Celebrate singing in the rain or the shower. Celebrate eating out or eating in. Celebrate pain even though it hurts. Celebrate growth even though it might cause pain. Celebrate change even though it might scare you. Celebrate wrinkles and gray hair, because they indicate wisdom (Good thing that’s what they indicate; I have so many!!). Celebrate time, freedom, belief, faith, fantasy, dreams, courage, and individuality.


Celebrate laughing until your stomach hurts, laughter through tears, and dissipating anger. Celebrate that you feel emotion and that this life and the moment is rich and full of it. Celebrate learning something new, reading a good book, accomplishment on any level, and an acceptance letter to college. Celebrate sleeping-in, nap-time, and the moment when you wake. Celebrate antiqued stars falling, a warm breeze that warms your heart, a sunset that chills yet inspires, a blazing fire with your love nearby. Celebrate solace.


Celebrate that your ears hear, your eyes see, your tongue tastes, your fingers touch, your heart beats, and celebrate that you can speak and tell others you love them. Celebrate, in this moment, that your lips kiss.


Celebrate babysitters, friends, neighbors. Celebrate free text messaging and imac computers. Celebrate low interest rates, free parking, flip flops, snowflakes, dancing, slurping, first dances, old movies, and a smile from a stranger. Celebrate paying it forward. Celebrate that the cup is always half FULL. Celebrate calm, peace, understanding, and clarity.


Celebrate the dreams of your heart. Celebrate incandescent joy.


Celebrate the secrets you keep, the things you hold dear and sacred, the people who make your life and your heart beat.


So many of these celebrations happen in the present moment. They fleet, into the past. CARPE DIEM: Seize the day! Celebrate where you are at, the people you are with, and what you are doing right now, in this present second.


I know that a lot of life’s celebrations happen quickly and are recorded in our memories, but I also feel it is so important to celebrate fun families, sexy singles, baking babies, cheerful children, sassy high-school seniors, exciting engagements, and  whimsical weddings; I believe that your moments need to be immortalize through portraiture. Celebrate YOU and where you are at in your life, right now. Don’t wait for something great to happen, make it happen and make a lasting memory.

In the name of celebrating I have a present for you.  


Go on. Open it! It’s Present’s present.


 In celebration of the new blog, kamee june photography, its first year in business, and YOU I am offering, as a gift, this promotion: if you book a session with me during the month of June (you just have to book the session in June; your shoot can be anytime in the next 6 months) you will get a free enhanced digital image on cd (with full rights, perfect for your Christmas card designing) and 2 free 5×7’s. (A value of $85.00!) Celebrate saving money and making memories!! But most importantly celebrate who you are and what you are doing in the present moment of your life. Contact me at or click on the contacts button on the top of the screen and we will set something up. Let’s celebrate together!


Celebrate your moments before they float away into the past of your life only to be called upon through memory….


Celebrate Whitney of Whitney Darling Photography for taking these pictures and being so willing to celebrate with me this exciting time in my life. Celebrate her by visiting her blog and leaving her some love. Whitney, thank you from my heart. I am so thankful for your spirit and presence in my life. Thank you for being so present. ( and thank you for trying to help me locate my lost blackberry… celebrate new blackberries…)

Celebrate Emily of Fourthday Designs for all of her work on the new logo, business card, launching graphics (check out my website- click portfolio at the top), icon designs, packaging details, etc. Celebrate her patience with picky me. Celebrate her talent, skill, eye, and understanding of design. Celebrate her two sons too!

Celebrate Whitney, Alyssa, and Breezy for helping me brainstorm this post.

Celebrate Vickie and her tremendous frosting prowess. Thank you for making those perfect cakes with the new logo on them. They were tasty. 

Celebrate my selfless and giving mother, who even though her fingers ached made me the tutu I wore in my pictures, by hand, no machine involved. Celebrate how she has always done special things to help my dreams come true. Celebrate her undying love and support in me and my goal and aspirations. Celebrate how she loves me so completely and how she forgives so quickly when I fall short of being a good daughter. Celebrate her because she is wonderful and because her heart is full of love. Celebrate her because she loves me, and because she laughs at my jokes…even the ones that aren’t that funny. Celebrate her talents and skills as a seamstress. Celebrate the gift she is in my life.

Celebrate my dad too. 😉

Celebrate Jaren for holding my hand and telling me I am good and nice. Celebrate Jaren for telling me I am pretty.

Celebrate Gunnar and Larkin for loving me unconditionally.

Celebrate everyone who has celebrated kamee june photography and who has celebrated with me in the past year.

Celebrate something. Celebrate everything. Celebrate right now and make yourself merry.